1. bickern

    Turkish Course Starting in Koycegiz

    From an email sent to me. "I have been asked for people who are interested to go to Köyceğiz Halk Eğitimi and write there name down . I have already sent 4 people . Regarding the time , cost , level of the course i believe this will be discussed when they get enough people for the course ."...
  2. N

    Starting a business in Bursa

    Hi everyone. I am married to a Turkish national, we have an 18 month year old son and live and work in the UK at the moment. As a family we will be coming over to Turkey to set up an English Language centre using methods that require only native English speakers but of course bi-lingual local...
  3. M

    Medium term rental in Izmir/Aegean Coast starting immediately

    Hi all, My wife and I are looking for an apartment either in or around Izmir. Our main requirement is for a good internet connection. We can move in immediately and are interested in availability for up to the next two months. Merlin.
  4. clare1

    Ladies Self Defence Course Starting Soon in Didim

    I am posting to let you know that there will be a ladies self defence course starting the first week of February 2013 in Didim. It will be a 10 session course covered in 5 weeks on a Wednesday and Friday morning at the Taekwondo salon. The salon is great, all padded flooring, changing rooms and...
  5. shirleyanntr

    Turkish lessons starting again

    İ will be kicking off our winter lessons on Friday the 2nd of November :smile: All are welcome :kiss: and it will still be at my place The first session will be to discuss times and programme. the price the same 6tl just to cover my print and paper handouts which i know you love...
  6. icebern09

    I am starting again .....

    It seems so long since I came on here to update you, that I feel the need to apologise for the delay in answering your posts. Epecially Arrian and Terry the Celt who have been in touch again. I have not been at all well lately and as some of you may know dont always feel like chatting much...
  7. onz

    buying Process starting again

    HI all just been informed that the buying process will be starting again on the 13th
  8. Ian

    What about starting a personals section ?

    Many folks are here alone so why don't we offer them a chance to meet and hook up with other's, what about opening a personals section, mods anything to offer ?.
  9. G

    starting out

    Hi guys love the forum been reading a while just signed up . ill introduce myself first im graham not obvious by the name lol , many questions for all you experts ie banking property etc but try not to bore you ! will be buying property in no doubt about that ,visited turunc in july lucky...
  10. wayne+nik

    Oruc have starting building on Maras site

    Hi all, it finally looks like Oruc have started the 4 builds on the Maras site next to the outdoor gym and play park , its a year late but i have still got my fingers and everything else crossed .There has been alot of bad press lately about turkish off plan builds so i will be very happy when...
  11. shirleyanntr

    Turkish lesson starting again

    İ will be starting the lessons again in the same place on Friday the 21st...price now at 6 for the ink:roundgrin i have 7 names already so let me know if you want to join in. everybody is welcome. and this year gonna get you talking instead of me.:77wu: and maybe even...
  12. E

    jet 2 starting new route - Manchester to Istanbul

    16 th march 2012 jet 2 starting flights from manchester to istanbul Ataturk airport
  13. K

    starting once again))

    Hello everybody, I think I started from the end today)) Well, let me say a few words. I am 28, I like music and sports. I also like travelling. And meeting new people. The reason for my coming to this forum is this: We are planning to sell our house (or villa as they are commonly called in...
  14. Pandora

    Starting Again

    Hi everyone We are selling our town house in Yesilkent and would like to rent.The problem we have is that we only know Yesilkent and although it is a lovely peaceful village we would like a change.So any ideas?Looking for a quite village near beach with lovely walks and beautiful views(not...
  15. uncle fester

    Gumbet starting to be rebuilt.

    Marmaris is not the only place getting knocked down,hopefully come may 1st 2010 it will look alot better in all respects.:yipee:
  16. KKOB

    THY Starting Stansted to Sabiha Gökçen Route

    Just seen a Turkish Airlines advertisement saying "Our daily flights from London Stansted to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen will commence on 9th November 2009." They're also laying-on free tours of Istanbul for transit passengers arriving at Ataturk Airport. For further details, have a look at their...
  17. KKOB

    Finally, A solution To Starting Problems

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  18. K

    Starting a Turkish company! Help!

    Hello, I need to start a Turkish company to operate my small photography business from - but am very confused! I am getting lots of different answers every time I ask a different accountant! From what I understand, there are two types of company, a limited company which a foreigner can...
  19. Howell's

    Starting school

    Hi guys I need to enrol my daughter in school asap. I went to Valley school yesterday (near hilltop bar) and spoke to the head who informed us there is a space for her to start. But before she can we need to take her to Aydin to sit a test. Does anyone know where in Aydin it is? Do we need to...
  20. shirleyanntr

    new Turkish course starting in Leeds they also have a page on the site where they advertise Turkish lessons..where there are some nice easy exercises to practice Turkish.
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