1. S

    Turkish Prez with football stars

    Ozil and Gundogan's Erdogan photos cause German furore - BBC News
  2. kemerkid

    Stars & Stripes

    How quickly it comes around!
  3. S

    Red stars

    I see Turkey has got its first female Wing Commander now and she is top gun with the Turkish Red Stars. That's quite an achievement imo, well done that lady. I have seen the Red Stars give a display twice now once in Calis beach and once at Olu deniz. Both were fabulous performances.

    Are all plumbers porn stars?

    With the recent poor weather I have just recently turned off my boiler, closed the valves and enabled the water valve for the solar heating on my roof. Over the past few days and despite sunny afternoons my hot water is lukewarm at best.The panels are three years old and all the connections...

    Porn stars

    300,000 attempts to access porn, have been recorded in the Houses of Parliament, over the last year. Guess government is more 'in touch' than we thought. :474cu: Parliament's porn habit revealed as 300,000 attempts made to access 'adult' websites from work computers in last year - News -...
  6. Yalides

    Pawn stars

    About the only programmes I watch on Turkish TV over here are Pawn stars, Locker wars and American pickers. Cheap reality s***e but I like them. Anybody else watch them ?
  7. Spurs

    Pawn stars

    PAWN STARS What a great TV programme here in Turkey. It made think about my days of stamp collecting & what they would be worth now (probably nowt). My collection now is: 11 unopened Cherry B bottles 1 Cherry B glass 1 unopened bottle of Pony (the drink with the big kick) 1 unopened bottle of...
  8. Yildez Datca

    Gold stars for Mirazz!!!!

    Following the recent thread about chocolate flavoured Philadelphia cheese, Mirazz very kindly offered to send me some! I arrived today and I am in chocoholics heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :angel::angel::angel: Mirazz you are a star!!! If you fancy a trip to Datca my sofabed is at your...
  9. Angela Stansfield

    Gadaffi - Stars Paid Millions

    Should they give it back? Beyonce, Mariah, Usher, Pressured to Give Away Qaddafi Money |
  10. Yildez Datca

    Arcelik - 5 gold stars!

    Yesterday at 4.30pm I took my music centre into Senkaya, our local Arcelik dealer, for repair - the lid wasn't closing, faulty catch I think; it was no longer under guarrantee. At 10.45am today I got a call asking if I was in? My music centre was repaired and they would bring it round to my...
  11. Summertime

    5 stars prison

    Postcard from Halden - TIME
  12. ceemac

    Barcelona stars appear in new THY advertisement

    A new Turkish Airlines (THY) advertisement scheduled for worldwide broadcast on April 15 stars members of the world-renowned Barcelona soccer team, including Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Carles Puyol. Here C
  13. KKOB

    Turkish Stars at Oludeniz Videos

    These are the first video clip I've ever uploaded to a public site. In fact they're the first videos I've ever taken, so bear with me. I'm on the Lycian Way at about 1,000 ft above sea level taking these videos. In the first clip it looks as though there's just one plane but there are 7...
  14. KKOB

    The Turkish Stars

    The Turkish Air Force aerobatic display team, The Turkish Stars / Türk Yıldızları, have changed their performance time from midday to 2pm on Sunday 18th October in the sky over Oludeniz on the final day of the 10th Oludeniz Air Games. They are currently the only display team in the world...
  15. Andy

    Stars put on a show tonight

    Venus, Jupiter and the Moon converge for a big show Venus, Jupiter and the moon will converge in the night skies over the next few days and promise to provide an amazing view. On Saturday November 29th, Venus and Jupiter will be less than 3 degrees apart in the Southwest after...
  16. T

    Stars and stuff

    There is a very prominent star out tonight, very low in the sky, a bit west of south. It is frequently a lot higher in the sky but always roughly in the same area. I have seen it (I am assuming it is the same one) whilst I have been in Turkey but, of course, it is bound to be higher in the sky...
  17. Mushtaq

    How stars are made using computers Amazing results, wish I could do that with Photoshop.
  18. wiuru

    Three all time great old movie stars

    1. Clarke Gable 2. Judy Garland 3. John Wayne Anne..xx
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