1. Harem

    Is this Starman??

    Just been reading an article in Today's Zaman, Expat Zone about one Steve Pheby who is now in the business of helping other expats relocate. I am wondering if this is our very own Starman??
  2. no-nem

    Happy Birthday Starman

    I'd like to wish 'starman' a very happy 101st birthday. I tried to put a date down in the 1800s but it didn't work. Anyway this man is very knowledgeable about officialdom here and The no-nem team wish him all the best for a great day!
  3. Andy

    Happy Birthday STARMAN

    Happy Birthday STARMAN & BRUCE Many Happy returns of the day Mr Starman & Bruce 100 years old today if you can believe that. :larf: And Bruce still 21 AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Have a great day and a drink on me.
  4. S


    I'm back.
  5. B


    starman i havesent you a few emials :( but i dont no if you are recieven them as i have had no replies[?] thanks sandra
  6. I

    Starman - airport

    Hi Starman it is a long haul 2 and a half hours waiting in the airport before boarding a plane which is approximately 4 hours or more then the time to go through passport control picking cases up. Then the journey to the airport and the destination of an hour and a half. It is very tiring and...
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