1. Spurs

    Cameron stands down

    As an MP. David Cameron to quit as Conservative MP for Witney - BBC News
  2. Spurs

    IMF stands for?

    After reading this it would be quite easy to see what those initials actually stood for. When the mighty fall, they really do fall. Europe - DSK leaves court confident, despite new orgy evidence - France 24
  3. niyaz

    Tommy Robinson Stands Down From The EDL

    A step in the right direction. And he says "I don’t hate Muslims. Luton is a completely multicultural town and from day one we've wanted to embrace everyone; all colours and creeds. "I have a passion to combat Islamist ideology and I want to lead a revolution against that ideology, but I don’t...
  4. B

    TV/DVD stands

    Hi I've recently upgraded to a larger TV which now looks huge on my existing TV stand. How much should I realistically expect to pay for a stand for a 28/32 inch tv and where do peeps recommend I go in the didim area as i always seem to end up paying well over the odds? id appreciate any...
  5. v6cod

    TV Stands where to buy?

    Anyone know where we can get a modern style tv stand (not wood) in the Dalaman/Ortaca area. I've had a look at the Arcelik site and they do Hi-Fi cabinets but not tv stands. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated as it will lengthen my Efes time :lol:
  6. merlin

    Turkish Football Federation penalizes Fenerbahce for shooting in stands....

    The Turkish Football Federation has ruled that Fenerbahce must play one game in an empty stadium after a fan was shot during a friendly match against English club Everton last month. One Turkish spectator was shot in the leg as the 2004 Turkish league champion beat Everton 5-0 at Ataturk...
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