1. G

    Jet2 flights 2019 - legroom on standard seats

    Galaxy Boy and I are considering booking some Jet2 flights from Birmingham (BHX) to Antalya. Being only 5ft tall I've never had a problem with legroom on planes, but at just over 6ft tall Galaxy Boy is worried that standard seats will not give him enough legroom and his knees will be wedged up...
  2. W

    Are you really happy with the standard of your child's education in Turkey?

    As asked above. What do you think?
  3. M

    Standard wages for tradespeople - e.g. mechanic

    Hi, does anyone know if there are standard wages for trades, like an award wage for example? I'm trying to work out what would be the base wage for an automotive mechanic in turkey at the moment. Thanks!
  4. S

    Good standard renovation company needed in Alanya

    Dear LivingInTurkey members, I've been in Alanya for a couple of years now, and recently had my apartment painted, but the work was so bad that it need to be redone. There's paint on the floor, and wall colour on the ceiling. I need someone to clean the mess from the last painters, and finish...
  5. B

    Standard Chartered Bank/Iran - How to hide 250 Billion USD.

    BBC News - Standard Chartered bank 'in $250bn scheme with Iran' Looks like another bank in deep sh!t. Bill.
  6. Q

    Obtaining a laptop with a standard keyboard

    My four-year old laptop is literally falling apart—the screen's pulling away, a hinge is coming off, and it no longer closes. So while I ought to get a new laptop, the problem is that in Turkey, laptops are generally going to come with Turkish keyboards. While I sometimes need to type Turkish...
  7. Squeaky

    Standard & Poor’s ups Turkey’s credit rating to investment grade

    Good afternoon: I imagine this bit of news will come as a bit of shock to some on this forum who dislike the AK Parti and use every opportunity to complain about them and their actions. Well, as this article indicates they must be doing something right even if some would prefer to see the...
  8. Yogi

    A third of universities to charge standard £9,000 fee

    Is this fair? I'll encourage my kids to go to a Scottish Uni for nothing (if they go). -------------------- More than a third of England's universities have had their plans to charge £9,000 for every course officially approved. Some 58% will be allowed to charge £9,000 for at least some...
  9. J

    trading standard help

    Can enyone tell me if there is a trading standard office in Kusadasi. and what is the turkish word for same please.
  10. K

    At last a European standard Hairdressers!!!!

    Just had my 12000 mile service!!! Acrylic nails - yes really!! Two tone low lights that look fantastic and a really good blow dry. What more could a girl ask for. English spoken if you ask! Give yourself a treat and go and visit Bebek in Turgutreis just past the Shell station on the way...
  11. R

    9 seaters - illegal to drive on UK standard licence

    My Dad told me that he had read in a newspaper last week that 9 seater mini buses will be illegal to drive in Turkey on a UK standard licence from 1st May 2010. Thought he had imagined it!! On checking found out it was true. This is the quote I found: "From 1st May, British people driving a...
  12. ceemac

    Turkey to Switch to Standard Time

    This is a good example of why there is often utter confusion in the country we love! 'Turkey is set to roll the clocks back by one hour and switch to standard time on Oct. 25 despite the fact that the Ministry of Energy had announced there would be no change after the springtime adjustment and...
  13. ceemac

    Evening Standard to Become Free

    The Evening Standard is to turn itself into a free newspaper later this month, ending its 180-year run as a paid-for title. Here C
  14. keny

    wood bog standard computer table

    Doea anyone know where I can but the computer table and how much they are?Thankyou. Keny.
  15. R

    Standard of hospitals and dentists and Docs?Also vets and cattery?

    Hello Thinking about moving to Altinkum area or Kudasaki area.What are your experiences of dentists and doctors and hospitals in these areas?Good or bad?Also I have a cat which I plan on bringing to Turkey too.Are there catteries and vets around ?Love to hear about your experiences with these...
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