1. Tenpin

    News Airport chaos

    Airport chaos: All countries reporting major delays and queues as problems sweep Europe Which countries are facing long delays and queues? Airports across some of...
  2. J

    Staff payment following resignation

    A member of site staff has resigned and left to take up a post at a similar site. He has filed a claim for employment compensation. What is this and are we obliged it ? Many thanks Judy
  3. juco

    B&Q use living wage to cut staff wages

    Petition at the link below if you want to support the workers cause.
  4. juco

    Tesco treat their staff like S...!

    Yes I like good customer service as most people do but this annoyed me when I was in Tesco today, yes I hate queuing and I like to be served as quickly as possible but this has got got me fuming! I was the only person in the queue at the checkout and at the point of being served the checkout...
  5. bal canavar

    Puppy Killed by Cyprus hotel staff

    Expat Britons storm Cyprus hotel after staff kill stray seven-month-old puppy in waste crusher Read more: Expat Britons storm Cyprus hotel after staff kill stray seven-month-old puppy in waste crusher | Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  6. Carolyn

    M&S tell Muslim staff they can refuse to serve customers buying pork and alcohol

    What would you do if you were told to take your shopping (or elements of it) to another till because the cashier refuses to serve you pork or alcohol? I would leave all my shopping and walk out. Marks & Spencer tells Muslim staff they CAN refuse to serve customers buying alcohol or pork | Mail...
  7. B

    UN pulling staff out of Syria.

    BBC News - UN to pull out 'international staff' from Syria If any of these staff are involved in humanitarian work, then this is bad news for the civilian population. Bill.
  8. K

    Staff Wanted

    I am looking for english people with Turkish nationality that would be interested in working,in Altinkum Didim,Marmaris,and Bodrum.Is there anyone there?
  9. Firefox

    Staff can’t speak English

    Staff recruited by english security company G4S to Guard the London Olympic next week cant speak English. The boss of the company on £20mill a year himself couldn’t understand what “fluent” meant. Olympics: 'I don't know if guards speak English', says G4S chief - Telegraph
  10. S

    Thank you customers and staff

    Tesco has announced a whopping 7.5 million has been raised for its charity of 2011 which was the Alzheimer Society. Well past its target of 5 million, this has been an amazing effort by staff and customers. A big thank you from me as this charity is very close to my heart. This years charity is...
  11. B

    Didim Diner - Staff Required

    Turkish and English staff required, must have some knowledge of English/Turkish language. Contact Selma at Didim Diner.
  12. alison09400

    Ex-Chief of Staff Arrested!!

    A first in Turkish history! LOCAL - Former chief of staff arrested over plot claims
  13. shirleyanntr

    Former chief of staff Basbuğ under ınvestıgatıon

    it never stops...General Basbuğ who resigned last year is now the subject of an investigation The Ergenekon investigation is still ongoing with dozens oh high ranking officials in custody for years now without any convictions and now Basbuğ has come under ınvestıgatıon surprise there...
  14. R

    This July media reported that the Chief of Turkish General Staff, General Isik Kosane

    This July media reported that the Chief of Turkish General Staff, General Isik Kosaner, as well as, the military service chiefs under him at Land Forces, the Air Force and the Navy all submitted their resignations. But then it turned out that in reality so loud resignations were not so much...
  15. J

    Paying staff off

    Recently been told that the gardener from a site in gumbet has decided to leave and the owners have been told that they must all pay 700 lira for his pay off as he has been there 15 years. Always thought that if they left of their own accord no payment was neccessary anyone know what the law is?
  16. perfect1949

    price 's portion's or staff

    with the food and alcohol price's going up and up . what will the restuarant owner's do this year . will they put the price's up , or give you smaller portion's , or reduce the staff . what do you think ? , dave
  17. arrian

    Beckhams sack 14 staff

    IF this report is true, they've just put 14 on benefits! David and Victoria Beckham sack 14 staff: report - Yahoo! News UK
  18. Z

    complex staff using complex facilities

    Hi, just need to get some thoughts and some feedback on the following... on the complex where we own we are lucky enough to have a small bar, it is a small complex but it does get very busy during the summer months, the barman regularly has his girlfriend down everyday [and that includes kissing...
  19. C

    Female Sales Staff for Emlak Office

    Turkish- owned Estate agents in the Çalış area of fethiye looking for female real estate agents. Work will involve dealing with both our Turkish and ever growing English speaking clientel in both the Property Sales and Rental sector. English-speaking staff are sought. Salary + bonus İf anyone...
  20. A

    Staff needed

    An estate agent in Didim is looking to employ an english lady for a full time job from Monday to Saturday. Experince in real estate is not a must but would be a plus. The candidate will be working as Personal Assistant to the manager . Age requirement is 35-50. Basic computer skill is required...
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