1. F

    New Antalya stadium

    l am going to watch Antalyaspor-Galatasaray next april, does anybody know if the new stadium is open? Thomas
  2. Tommie

    Sheffield's Don Valley Stadium

    Exellent news for Sheffield is that the Don Valley Stadium, where Jessica Ennis did her Olympic training, is to be redeveloped as an Olympic legacy. BBC News - Don Valley Stadium: 'Olympic legacy' development announced I know there are a few members from S Yorkshire here.
  3. perfect1949

    the magic weekend at the Etihad stadium

    went to the magic weekend rugby league festival yesterday , what a fantastic day out . 63 thousand people attended the two days . apart from the rugby it was a carnival atmosphere with a stage set outside for singers and bands to entertain everyone , the only fault on the day that lasted 8...
  4. M

    Didim stadium

    Voices Newspaper this week talks about the Council giving Didim Stadium 'a new look'. Can anyone tell me the location of this stadium, and what it is used for?
  5. shazeroo

    Getting to the U2 Concert at Ataturk Stadium

    Can anyone tell me if there is a direct public transport link from Ataturk Airport to the Ataturk Stadium? We are going to the U2 and Snow Patrol concert on 6th September - the first time U2 have ever played Turkey (my husband is Irish and is a huge U2 fan). Snow Patrol are playing support so...
  6. Mag

    New Aviva Stadium Dublin.

    Went to see Manchester United play the first soccer match last night in the new Aviva Stadium Dublin. They played the "Airtricity 11" who were made up of a mix of League of Ireland players...7 -1 to United, who had all their big stars there on the night. Fantastic new stadium which will be...
  7. Martyn

    Milton Keynes Stadium part of the World Cup 2018 bid

    They have come a long way with a great stadium now recognised as part of the World Cup 2018 if we win the bid. It holds 22,000 now and can easily be converted to hold 45,000. I go there with my grandson sometimes. More Milton Keynes named in 2018 World Cup list | Football - Times Online
  8. D

    New Stadium in Ovacik

    Does anyone know yet anything about the new stadium being built in Ovacik ? and who or what and when will anything be performed there ??
  9. G

    Twickenham Stadium

    I live near to Twickenham Rugby Stadium and it's a nightmare when the rugby is on as our road gets closed, Tesco is closed etc. This also hapened when the Stones played here, we have now got another concert here on Saturday, the Eagles are playing at the stadium, I have never even heard of them...
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