1. L

    SSK insurance

    Hi everyone, can anyone please tell me when you go and sort out your ssk insurance for the first time do they give you the policy there and then or do you go back to pick it up or is it posted to you??? reason I am asking we are going down to do it hopefully today , already been but had to get...
  2. L

    SSK insurance

    Hello has anybody on here got this insurance & if so do you think it is a good company? has anyone had problems claiming? We are thinking of joining and would appreciate any feedback Thank you:12:
  3. shirleyanntr

    SSK and cancer

    i went to see an old friend today who was diagnosed last year with extensive bowel and ovarian cancer. She had an operation in the Başkent Alanya which cost her a fortune and she refused chemotherapy as it was too expensive and she felt at her age she couldnt justify the cost ...shes 76. She...
  4. shirleyanntr

    pre existing chronic diseases not covered by SSK

    ive been asked several times if i knew what disorders/diseases are on the list of Chronic Diseases for the Turkish health insurance scheme which will not be covered ive finally found the list and translated it as best İ can here then are the things that your SSK insurance wont cover İF...
  5. shirleyanntr

    unmarried married and SSK

    the SSK is a great idea...if yure married...and if its a nightmare for us..just think what it must be for Turkish women who dont have an official marriage and where there are numerous children when some men have up to 4 wives...because its law for Turks too that everybody has health insurance...
  6. alison09400

    Applying for SSK

    A friend of mine applied for SSK insurance for her and her husband. She has put together a document explaining what you need to do; and she has given me permission to post it on the forum to help others who are thinking of doing the same thing. BACKGROUND INFORMATION In 2010 the Turkish...
  7. Elvira

    SSK health insurance

    I have heard through the grapevine that the ssk sigorta is to be ended for foreigners over 45 yrs old. I paid mine last week and there was no mention of it ending.Has anyone else been notified or heard anything ?
  8. E

    SSK and Private hospital for birth of my baby in Istanbul

    Does anyone know of good hospitals in Istanbul that are SSK AND private? I am due to have my first baby in November and want to stay here (Istanbul) to have it. Would like to have a natural birth with my husband present but am freaked out by the price of the private hospitals. To matters a...
  9. R

    SSK for Foreigners ?

    In this weeks edition of it says that Yabancis can now claim ssk. Anybody else heard this . Ian
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