1. suzyq

    12 million square meter tourism city in Bodrum

    Turkey’s Ağaoğlu Group has said it signed a letter of intent with investors from China and Hong Kong to build a 12 million square meter tourism city in the Aegean resort of Bodrum. In a statement on Sept. 15, the company said the tourism city, which will be Europe’s largest when it is...
  2. bal canavar

    Times Square Incident

    Twitter is going crazy over alleged attack in New York Times Square Multiple injuries after 'car rams into pedestrians' in New York's Times Square Speeding vehicle strikes pedestrians in New York City?s Times Square - The Globe and Mail
  3. bal canavar

    Taksim Square back on the Agenda

    Yes Taksim Square Gezi Park is back on RTE's agenda with a reintroduction of plans which have already caused deaths ,and an outcry by the Istanbul public :horse: Since when does the President of a country decide on city planning ,seems the municipality in Istanbul isn't capable. RTE knows...
  4. H

    Interview with Orhan Pamuk - Turkey, Taksim Square etc.

    Orhan Pamuk's name was included in the indictments in the Ergenokan trial: Prosecutors said the gang plotted to kill Erdoğan, the Nobel laureate author Orhan Pamuk and other high-profile figures. ( Turkish leader accused of witch-hunt as army coup plotter is jailed for life - The Guardian )...
  5. roger waters

    A quick warning - changing money in shoe shop dolphin square

    The lad in the shoe shop offering exchange rate of 2.95 to the pound at the back of dolphin square You take £100 in and he shows you a rate on his phone ie 2.95 tl for your £100 then he gives you £30 back saying he hasn't got enough money to change and shows you the rate for your £70 on his...
  6. tomc1984

    Town square lighting

    Anybody know what happened to the nice street lights that were on at the opening of the square, they were taken down the next day, was this just for show. Saw them digging at the cables this morning but was not sure if there taking them out or putting them back.
  7. altinkum kev

    Taksim Square protests reignited

    Demonstrations in Turkey have largely subsided in recent days, but thousands converged back on the square on Saturday, angry over a court decision this week that released a police officer from custody pending his trial for the killing of a protester in Ankara. The protesters also denounced the...
  8. tomc1984

    town square unveiling

    tonight if you did not know, might be interesting. Thank you ken., great website for info on yali, thanks to you and the many posters. " looks like Ataturk is clear winner looking at the votes on the Belediye website today. The unveiling ceremony of the statue and official opening of the new...
  9. L

    Rentals in Dolphin Square Area

    hi everyone ive been to tinky twice now and last year we stayed in the royal apartments in dolphin square,just wanted to know what other apartments where available nearby. Thanks Guys :)
  10. perfect1949

    the new yalikavak square

    talking to Mustafa Yavuz yesterday he is the project manager and surveyor for Yalikavak . i asked him when the square would be finished and he said around the 15th of May or thereabouts . dave and shirley
  11. tomc1984

    Yalikavak square

    did anyone go to the Yalikavak square meeting yesterday, anyone any ideas what is happening, my guess is they are redeveloping the area outside the Belediye. Yalıkavak Belediyesi
  12. M

    New Main Square

    Work has just started on a new main square for Altinkum. The site is in front of the Gendarm barracks off Ataturk Blvd. The site will have a giant statue of Ataturk,seating and green areas. It will provide a focus for civic cerimonies and public gatherings. Work is due to take a year.Should look...
  13. Mikee100

    Bomb in Taksim Square

    News just breaking on BBC. Explosion in Taksim Sq in Istanbul. 15 injured, possible suicide bomber. Hope all TLF'ers are ok. Mike
  14. J

    Parasol Bar, Dolphin Square, strange...

    We went here recently with some friends and found some of the staff very weird! This used to be a really good venue, no wonder it is now empty and all the trade has gone to the Swan Bar, where you can relax and be left alone. One guy pulled up a chair and we could not get rid of him (trying to...
  15. P

    New Pub in Koycegiz Square

    Dede is a new establishment in the square and I can highly recommend it. 3 TL for draught Effes for those that drink. Owner is really friendly.
  16. sandpearse

    Concerts - Bodrum harbour square

    Well Done to Bodrum municipality for the Golden Horn, brass quartet on 30 December and Mustafa Sandal's concert for New Years Eve. Held on the harbour square in Bodrum, and free! Both were very good, although not many attended the Golden Horn concert, but it was bitter cold! Last night's...
  17. Sniffy

    zeytindali - square meters

    Random as ever - I need to find out the square footage of my apt for the Dask part on the insurance (yes its that time again) Does anyone have Nufuler or Residance style apt on Zeytin dali - I checked the original zeytin website but this information in no longer available. I thought mine was 90...
  18. shirleyanntr

    sexual harrassment Taksim Square

    Did anyone see the news about the girl who was molested in Taksim Square on New Years Eve..it was played over and over on all the news channels..and the men that were picked out and brought before the courts were fined only 57ytl Here is a piece from TDN which highlights some of the problems...
  19. S

    2 Bed Apart Altinkum 5 min Dolphin Square

    Hi, I am looking to sell my 2 Bedroomed 1 bathroom with jacuzzi, Apartment with shared pool which is in a prime position only 5 minutes from Dolphin Square. My family has now expanded and I have seen a 3 bedroomed property which I am interested in, but need to sell present apartment first...
  20. jcrian

    Square Melons!!!

    Tesco plans to sell the melons imported from Brazil. Boxes are placed around the growing fuit which naturally swells to fill the shape. Tesco exotic fruit buyer Damien Sutherland: "We"ve seen samples of these watermelons and they literally stop you in their tracks because they are so...
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