1. bickern

    A New Democracy after the Arab Spring

    Tunisia is the only Arab country to have emerged with a viable civil society and democracy after the Arab Spring, but the system is on the ropes as authoritarianism casts its shadow over the country. Tunisia has held its second-ever presidential election - a huge milestone for the world’s...
  2. bal canavar

    Turkey marks Newroz, a celebration of spring and joy

    People across Turkey are celebrating the spring festival Newroz on Tuesday, with their own unique local traditions. The International Turkish Culture Organization is one of the main organizers for Newroz-related events in Turkey. The Newroz festival, which also symbolizes brotherhood and...
  3. V

    Easyjet Seat sale now on

    Easyjet flights from 26 March to 25 June will go on sale on Thursday 6 October. Those for 26 June to 10 September will be released in early November. https://www.easyjet.com/en/schedule-release
  4. bal canavar

    ZIMBABWE seeing their Arab Spring ??

    Could we be seeing the end of Mugabe rule ?? Zimbabwe protesters paralyse Harare with march against Robert Mugabe protesters brought the centre of Zimbabwe’s capital to a standstill and fought running battles with police on Friday during one of the biggest demonstrations against President...
  5. Mojive

    Sept 10th Easyjet realease dates for Spring 2016

    HI for all who may have missed on other thread just read 10th Sept is the day of release dates for Spring 2016, Hope you all get a good deal :roundgrin: Mo xx
  6. kemerkid

    Spring Arrivals

    They still keep coming, I went out to feed the chickens this morning and could hear the familiar Chirp-Chirp of little fluffy chicks. In an effort to avoid me collecting up all the eggs, one hen decided to nip over the wall into next door and hatch a few over there. So now I have some in my...
  7. S

    You know spring is in the air

    When girls start showing their belly buttons Sue
  8. kemerkid

    Spring is here.

    March 21st, officially the first day of Spring is upon us. I have to say there seems to have been a definite shift in the weather and feel good factor over the last few days. Let's hope we've seen the last of that wet stuff for a while.
  9. T


    First day of Spring tomorrow how lovely some places celebrate it in parts of Turkey they call it Nevroz. Hope you enjoy this lovely time of year. Eastern Turkey will be very busy with lots of countries reporters joining the celebrations so they can write about it. I hope the people enjoy it...
  10. mamish

    Strange banging noises in our garden....

    Had to investigate.... Check out what I found.... Strange banging noises in the garden...... - YouTube :w00t:
  11. D

    Pegasus Spring Flights 2014

    I've read with interest the info on EasyJet Spring flights but has anyone any info/idea when Pegasus will be issuing their Spring 2014 flights? At present you can only book up to 29th March 2014. Thank you in advance :juggle: (A senior moment....in wrong section...Mods please move this to the...
  12. P

    Easyjet opens Spring 2014 to Bodrum

    Easyjet opened Spring 2014 flights to Bodrum
  13. perfect1949

    have you done your spring cleaning yet ?

    Me and shirley have not stopped for the last two days , painting cleaning and gardening . have you started yours yet ? . dave and shirley
  14. perfect1949

    spring is here

    taken by my Shirley . dave
  15. R

    Spring flights

    Flights not a lot of options from the North of England before mid May anyboby have any more ideas in April ? Long shot I know !!!
  16. B

    Four Seasons and Spring we need your support

    Dear Owners of the fabulous Four Seasons and Spring Development, I am an owner and neighbour of one of the adjacent complexes called Ilica Park. What we have in common is the fabulous views but what we do not have in common is the waterproof damp free apartments, and fabulous landscaping you...
  17. Sunny Seasider

    The Spring Budget

    Well what will George Osborne be offering the people in his Budget speech on Wednesday 21st March? Wow he is reducing the 50p tax rate to 45p from April 2013, well that's me well happy, not. So what else will he bring out of his bunny box. His plans to bring about an end to National pay rates...
  18. perfect1949

    spring as arrived

    after the coldest winter in turkey that i can remember , spring as arrived and i am wearing shorts and sandals again yipeeeeee . dave
  19. Elvira

    Arab Spring

    It has been a long time since the beginning of the uprising of the Arab States against their tyrannical rulers.How do we westerners feel ? Personally I am delighted that the 'People Power' has had such a huge and brave impact.But would we have been so brave? Also where do you think it will end ??
  20. T

    Holiday Rental available from Spring 2012

    For those who are interested to rent this spacious villa weekly/monthly It's located in Bodrum close to the centre, Gumbet It has fully furnished 3 bedrooms with AC, 3 bathrooms, wireless Internet, garden and a swimming pool in the site. It'll be available from April 2012. The weekly rent is...
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