1. suzyq

    Bodrums best spots

    The southern Aegean summer tourist hub of Bodrum, referred to as the Turkish Riviera, has and will always been popular and despite rattling of late by earthquakes, it has not shaken the throngs that vacation at the top summer destination The newest news to come from Bodrum was the arrival of...
  2. S

    Where are the Turkish regional black spots?

    Continuing on from a thread in which I mentioned experiences good and bad in my own area- where are the dodgy/ to be avoided burgs in your neck of the woods? We always hear of each areas highlights but where are the tacky, " to be avoided" areas in your Turkish realm.
  3. Yalides

    Best dossing spots

    One in ten of London's homeless are from Bulgaria or Romania says charity Broadway | Mail Online My god, they are even taking the best dossing spots in London now. Is there no end to their wickedness ?
  4. N

    Mobile hot spots

    I have been making enquiries about mobile hot spots as I have an ipad and want to bring it to Turkey and need internet. Vodafone shop has them for 250 liras plus about 70 liras for sim card. Can anyone tell me if the connection is good and how many computers can you run off them at any one time...
  5. Frank&Mary

    wi-fi spots in/ near Gumuskaya

    Does anyone know of any cafe/restarant in Gumuskaya with wifi access?. Its a bit of a schlep into Yali each time I want internet access. I know Victorial does but that is almost as far especally now the rental car has gone back and I am now back to public transport. Any advice would be greatly...
  6. B

    Favourite Altinkum spots.

    Loads of lovely spots around Altinkum but here is one of my favourites, "Mesut sitesi" in the summer it is very quiet just the sound of the many OK boards, the water is fantastic for kids you can swim out 100yds and it is still only 2 - 3 feet deep. Oh and the Tuborg is always ice cold.
  7. Martyn

    Off duty police officer spots aliens

    Read more below UFO alert: police officer sees aliens at crop circle - Telegraph
  8. Peaceplant

    Bodrum investment spots- just a personal view

    Recently we hired a car and did a thorough tour of the peninsula. İ had seen land for sale in places like Mazi and Oren with seaviews and purely out of sheer nosiness wanted to see these areas. We went all over the place including some old favourites and İ took some photos which İ will include...
  9. Lindy

    Wireless hot spots

    Hi Can anyone tell of any wireless hot spots in and around the Fethiye/Ovacik/Hisaronu area for laptop internet.connection. Thanks Linda :)
  10. merlin

    LykiaWorld on BBC's Favorite Vacation Spots List....

    The BBC has included the LykiaWorld in the list of favourite vacation spots for Summer 2005. LykiaWorld's management, Silkar Tourism and Investment issued a statement confirming the success of the placing in the list. LykiaWorld hosts 30,000 people a year, 25 percent being British. The...
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