1. simpsons

    Spot the ball. Iranian Style

    Seems these footballers want to swap their tackle for a tackle on the field. Eight players of Iranian women?s football team are actually MEN awaiting sex swap operations* | Daily Mail Online Any comments from Firefox, our resident Iranian football pundit?
  2. HelenSnowball

    Never Park in a Disabled spot...

    Driver in a disabled bay in Brazil finds car has been covered in post-it notes | Daily Mail Online Hahaha!
  3. D

    spot blue sales

    Hi guys we have put a thread on before about wanting to buy , and all of you have been amazing we are still looking but might not be till next tear, we have been looking at property in Gumusluk for sale through the company Spot blue has anyone heard of these and any more advice our links to real...
  4. martin m

    Spot blue

    Hi It's no secret that chris and I are selling up, the problem at this moment in time is the Turkish will not want to pay the amount we want based on the exchange rate, so I am checking out a international seller called spot blue who specialise in selling property abroad, having spoke to a...

    Spot of sunday lunch yali/bodrum

    I fancy a spot of Sunday lunch of the meat and two veg variety in the Yali/Bodrum vicinity. Any suggestions on a suitable establishment to resolve my culinary predicament. Thanks in advance.
  6. Bigeye2k

    Hot spot shield

    I use this for a non turkish IP address and get access to many websites that are blocked in turkey. Easy to install and use it self configures itself upon install. Free access
  7. arrian

    Spot the difference?

  8. A

    eren spot

    Trying to buy furniture for my villa in dalyan and spoke to eren spot on the phone on friday was told to send email of what i wanted so i did but ive not heard from them since dose anyone know if his computer is down or not or is he very bussy at the mo
  9. S

    How do you spot a tourist in Alanya

    Answer, They are the one's using the rubbish bins. I know I'm generalising but having just returned from a brilliant 2 weeks all I seem to see is rubbish littering the streets and picnic sites. The Dim Cay river bank is plastic city, the sidestreets have plastic and glass bottles strewn around...
  10. Firefox

    Istanbul Top Spot Property

    A new report names Istanbul as being the no1 choice for property investors globally. Istanbul first choice for property investors as European recovery stalls | Business | Lets hope they buy with Tapus & not off plan.
  11. altinkum kev

    Spot the fake Turkey


    Spot the deliberate [?] mistake.

    Bodrum Bulletin Please note that Daylight Saving Time in Turkey will change one day later than the rest of Europe. On MONDAY morning (28th March) at 3am, clocks will go forward 1 hour to 4am. Hence on Sunday only, there will be a 3 hour time difference between the UK and Turkey, which will...
  13. Yogi

    McDonalds loses no.1 spot

    The trouble with McDonalds is that 2 hours after eating it (I don't have loads) I'm hungry again. Perhaps that's their ploy. Can't recall seeing these sort of places in Turkey? ------------------ The golden arches might be famous around the globe, but another fast food outlet has usurped...
  14. J

    what we know the spot market gone flat

    market gone. Was known as the SPOT BAZAAR at the start to long beach road at the traffic lights. GONE AND FLAT .
  15. S

    Your next favourite spot

    Just noticing a thread about Datca made me think of that beautiful wee place which I have visited. It also made me think of places which would be my fav after the one I have chosen For me had I not chosen Uzumlu ,Kas would def be my next choice What about the rest of ya?
  16. KKOB

    Has Yours Got A Favourite Spot ?

    Found on Labster| Labrador Retriever Daily Photo Blog
  17. Joe in Tasucu

    Jeremy's spot on again.

    "Jeremy Clarkson has ridiculed TV bosses for being obsessed with having "black Muslim lesbians" on shows to balance out the numbers of white heterosexual men." So quick quiz - how many black muslim lesbians are there currently on TV shows?
  18. KKOB

    Burial Spot Next To Marilyn Sells For £2.8m

    A bidder has offered the princely sum for the burial crypt directly above the moviestar. Burial Spot Next To Marilyn Sells For £2.8m - Yahoo! News UK
  19. KKOB

    Spot the mistake.

    Maths never was my strongest subject at school but I think I've spotted the flaw in this report. YENI SAFAK -- 19,000 TURKISH MILLIONAIRE According to a report on banks prepared by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), 19,055 Turkish people have more than 1 million TL of...
  20. KKOB

    The God Spot

    Just when one thought TV shows could not get more outrageous, Kanal T comes up with the idea to make an imam, a priest, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk try to convert 10 atheists. Salvation at the end of a television show
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