1. Z

    We have a Sporting Celebrity on Site

    How many of you knew.............that Mr Ufuk was, in his younger days, a Professional Cyclist. Winning many events including the Tour of Turkey on more than one occasion.........Massive RESPECT
  2. D

    2020...A Big Sporting Year For Turkey?

    I've just read that Turkey is putting in a bid for the 2020 European Football Finals. Evidently this bid will be supported by Michelle Platini (Head of EUFA) on condition that they are unsuccessful in their bid for the 2020 Olympics! Good on them...bring it on!!
  3. J

    Some sporting cheer for the Irish

    forget about the football. Ireland have just recorded their first EVER win in ANY Grand Slam tennis tournament. Some achievement! Louk Sorensen records Ireland's first-ever grand-slam match victory - Times Online
  4. I

    Sporting Facilities

    Bearing in mind the age groups of Forum members.....Has anyone explored the provision of alternative sporting facilities such as all weather bowling greens or golf driving ranges. Our particular complex in Olive Village is providing a football pitch which, during the hot Summer periods, I can`t...
  5. VWBug

    Cultural and sporting aspects of Turkey

    As there are so many different ways in which the Turks have expressed themselves culturally, it is difficult to cover them all in such a short space. One has to start with their architecture such as their marvelous mosques, whose interior spaces are covered in tiles. Then one moves on to Topkapi...
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