1. ceemac

    Government Sponsored Terror Squad Killing Assyrians, Other Minorities in Turkey

    This is a chilling article, particularly the last paragraph, that opines just as dark a future. I do not know the politics or background of either the publication or the author - I merely have posted it as I remembered when reading it what our own Shirley has been consistently stating here for...
  2. Ms Who

    Akbuk Ladies Sponsored Walk for WIT

    Lo all :-) Our lovely Akbuk ladies have planned a sponsored walk to raise money for the WIT mobile health clinic. The event is taking place on Saturday 13th June and starts at the Aquarium Restaurant at 8am (ouch, early!!). They plan on walking down to Tansas and back again. WIT will also...
  3. Phil Johns

    Sponsored Swim

    Myself and several other mental cases, are holding a sponsored swim in aid of the Didim Friends of animals charity. It will be held on Altinkum Seafront opposite the Bigben restaurant at 12.00am sponsorship is per minute or per swim but the swimmer, must remain swimming for a minimum of 5...
  4. D

    Sponsored walk In Gocek With PICCIES !

    Yesterday saw the start of the 5th Sponsored Walk of 100 km into the mountains around Gocek taking about 4 days to complete. A group of around 50 local business people and from far afeild as Ankara and Istabul attended the start of the walk with a parade thru Gocek centre with music of drums...
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