1. E

    Help with marital split

    I'm both a UK and Turkish citizen and am married to a Turk who also has dual citizenship, as do our 2 children who were both born in the UK. We married in the UK in 2004 but moved to Datça in June 2012. I informed my husband that I wanted to separate in August 2013 and at that point he asked...
  2. Mushtaq

    UK Border Agency to be scrapped and work split in two

    The “troubled” UK Border Agency is to be scrapped and split into two parts reporting directly to the Home Office, Theresa May has announced. She told MPs that the organisation, which has faced damning criticism since its creation in 2008, will be divided into sections dealing with the visa...
  3. Antonymus

    Sightseeing buddy needed - getting around - split costs

    Hi there, I live here, but I feel like visiting a few interesting villages/sites this spring. I don't have a car and therefor I'm looking for somebody who has similar interests, and we could share the costs for petrol and so on. I'd take care of the lunch :) Cheers, Anton
  4. Mushtaq

    Istanbul could be split in two

    Radical plan unveiled by Recep Tayyip Erdogan to cope with growing strains of city with 17 million residents. Istanbul is renown as the place where east meets west, the only city in the world to straddle Europe and Asia. But it may soon lose this unique status if the Turkish government goes...
  5. P

    Bookmaker pays out on Cole split

    Cheryl Cole may not have called time on her marriage but a bookmaker has blown the final whistle for her footballer husband Ashley. Bookmaker pays out on Cole split -  Celebrity News, Latest Celebrity Gossip | MSN Celebrity UK And I predict Ceryl Cole will go on to date Will.i.Am from...
  6. Struggs

    Paul McCartney's Marriage Split

    Please don't shoot the poster, I found this on my ISP forum: A South African gold miner loses his leg in a mining accident and is sat in hospital talking to his mate. "Well that's me b******d, who on earth's going to want a one legged gold digger?" His mate replies "Well, you could try Paul...
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