1. Yalides

    False black widow spider

    False Widow Spider sightings in Bowerhill - Melksham Independent News Oh no, we are doomed in Bowerhill.....
  2. v6cod

    Yellow Crab Spider with prey

    The yellow crab spider (Thomisus spectabilis) is a flower-top hunter. This species waits in ambush for flower-loving insects. They can catch prey up to the size of a honeybee, many times their own size.
  3. S

    Beware fiddle back/brown recluse spider!

    Hi, all. Bitten by this spider early hours monday morning. Still not sure what is going to happen to my foot. For reference:- 1) Hides in clothes, shoes, bedding, bedrooms, behind pictures etc. If outside, in leaves and log piles. 2) If bitten, may or may not feel sharp burning sting. 3) If...
  4. CJD

    Ladybird spider

    we spotted our first Ladybird spider in Caunos, not one of my pics they move pretty fast, it took me a while to id it on google apparently there are less than 50 in the uk and they are protected. they are quite rare in the rest of europe so imagine my suprise when a week later I spotted one on...
  5. butt007

    Spider--- aagggg!!!

    I had been out to our local Kulture Park to watch Man.U play Basticas(sort of name) we got back 12.30a.m, I said g,night to my friend and turned to go to my front door, and---oh my god**^"~~!! there was the biggest spider I have ever seen on the step, it had a head and body about 1ins long, and...
  6. B

    more spider horror! arrgggg!!

    Well, don't read this news article if you have arachnophobia as it will just get worse and worse and worse!!! I won't be spoilin' it for you and tell you what it's about but you will be scared !!!! THE HORROR OF IT ALL!!!!! brown bear chillin' wiv da spider man!
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