1. Yalides

    Councils credit card spending

    https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=7&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj-0OrOqOzRAhUeOsAKHfOtCsUQFgg_MAY&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Fnews%2Farticle-4168068%2FThe-105m-council-officials-abuse-credit-cards.html&usg=AFQjCNEqd1ey8was5oDLZCG5GROn-qPcag Councils are...
  2. T

    Who's Spending Britain's Billions???

    Did anyone else watch this programme last night? It will be repeated on Sunday 6pm BBC2, or it's available on catch-up. Sooo worth watching! It's a total disgrace that most of our services are being 'contracted out' to the Private sector - But at what Cost to us & our services. The big...
  3. C

    Spending money? Trip suggestions

    Hi we are coming to Yalikavak in July for two weeks staying in a villa. At current exchange rate of 2.81 I will have about 220 lira a day for spends. We will be eating breakfast and lunch at the villa half the time, shopping at the supermarket for pop and sandwich/salad stuff and probably...
  4. Firebrand

    Big Spending Arabs/Istanbul restaurants change tune

    I know this was touched on recently in another thread, about the increase in visitors from Arab countries. Istanbul restaurants change tune ? and language ? to woo big-spending Arabs | World news | The Guardian In the Turkish restaurants around Taksim Square in Istanbul, the menus are getting...
  5. Sunny Seasider

    Where are you spending Chrismas?

    Where are you spending Christmas? Well by now hope you all have plans or not for where you will be spending your Christmas this year. We have had all the family at our home for the past two years, but, this year my Sister-In-Law is providing the hospitality, so looking forward to us all...
  6. Mushtaq

    Running on credit, Turks spending brings headache

    Inside the electronics store the wall-to-wall rows of imported flat-screen TVs switched to a commercial break in perfect synch, beckoning Turkish consumers to do what comes naturally -- spend more. The day out at one of the shopping malls that have mushroomed across Turkey in recent years has...
  7. perfect1949

    who will be spending christmas alone

    well this will be my third christmas on my own , even tough i have had great cristmases with friends , its never the same as having someone with you is it ? i shall be going to mustis this year and i will enjoy the day i,m sure . but at this time of year i think people on there own feel more...
  8. E

    where will you be spending xmas day ??????

    :3: its not that far off guys what shall we all be up tooooooo ?????
  9. Susan

    Post only if you Love Living or spending time in Turkey

    I have read so many threads regarding people not liking Turkey and about the downfalls of the place, and how they cannot wait to get out of the place. So surely there must be people who love living or spending time in Turkey. I for one do, I love my house I love the country and I love the...
  10. L

    Worrying about spending money. Can anyone reassure me please?

    Hi all, I'm a bit of a worrier at the best of times and Goldtrail haven't helped!! We had to buy new flights for our hol to Turkey next week after our original ones were 'lost' (until our claim is processed which could be months away!) when Goldtrail collapsed. Because of this, we will now...

    How are you spending Bank holiday monday

    for those of us in the Uk , today is a bank holiday. I was just wondering what you are all doing. As I work full time, I never watch daytime TV, but today Ive watched house/ property development programs, antique and collectable auctions and I am now on ALo ALO, what fun I'm having . I always...
  12. KKOB

    Heather Mills' Spending Spree

    She's splashing out with the divorce money. Apparently she's also going to buy a plane, but will continue to use Immac on her good leg.
  13. R

    Where are you spending Xmas Day?

    Hello I am still deciding where to go Xmas Day. I will be in Turkey and want to go somewhere which is doing an Xmas Lunch. Akbuk or Altinkum areas. Where are you going? Can you recommend a place that you goto that is nice? From past experience ? Seen the list of places in the other thread that...
  14. Mushtaq

    Spending XMAS in Turkey

    Anyone going over to spend xmas and new year in their place in Turkey? Just wondering what travel and staying there is like during that period?
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