1. yalimart

    Spend spend spend !

    The Royals are coming under criticism for mismanaging their (our) estates and funding, what should we do with them, if they were a business hemoraging money we may choose to close them down and make them redundant. Or should they be rationalised, make a good few redundant, sell of land for...
  2. yalimart

    what will you spend yours on ?

    BBC News - Danny Alexander says tax changes now in force will 'make work pay' we are all in it together ! but what will you spend your £40,000 on ? Martin

    A great way to spend a morning

    What a lovely way to spend a morning, meeting new people and seeing more stunning views of the Turgutreis countryside. We were not sure what to expect when we volunteered to take a dog for a walk at the rescue centre. There centre is up high on the hills in stunningly beautiful countryside...
  4. perfect1949

    how long do you spend in the shower ?

    UK weather: South-east of England officially in DROUGHT after driest winter for decades | Mail Online i usually spend 10 to 15 minuets in the shower . dave
  5. perfect1949

    who would you like to spend your last day with

    on the 21st of may tomorrow it's so posed to be Domesday , who would you like to spend your last day with ???????????? . dave
  6. S

    £250-what will you spend yours on?

    So come on fellow Irish TLFers-what are you gonna spend your £250 RP savings on?
  7. perfect1949

    what a wonderful way to spend a sunday afternoon

    today out of the blue i was invited to a BQ with some friends anna and tony , and david and lynne . after the BQ we went to watch the man u and lpool game at sandima bar excellent day. sorry you are all going back to the uk tomorrow but i hope to see you all again next year . so what did all...
  8. E

    where to spend christmas

    Hi i had a horrid xmas in Turkey last year and want to make sure i have a good one this year. Could you tell me where in Turkey you spent yours and how was it. I am looking to book some where soon so can be hotel or even some where you know that will be doing a xmas party so on. Ps i have 3 kids...
  9. gerald

    WH Smiths £5 off £20 spend with voucher

    Valid Thursday 27th May to Wednesday 2nd June 2010 To redeem a voucher, you must present it to the sales assistant at the till before your transaction begins. You will not be able to redeem a voucher by giving it to the sales assistant after the end of the transaction. Voucher is at bottom of...
  10. ceemac

    Internet Users In Turkey Spend 8 Hours Surfing On Net Per Week

    8 hrs a week?? They obviously didn't study some of you lot :hehe: 'Director General of Google Marketing for Turkey, the Middle East and Africa, Mustafa Icil, said Monday internet users in Turkey spend an average of eight hours surfing on the net per week.' Here C
  11. merlin

    Limerick lottery winner (Now - what would you spend it on)

    It is the unluckiest city in Ireland. While everywhere else was riding the economic boom, poor old Limerick, dubbed "stab city" by a local judge, was best known for drugs, guns and murderous gangland family feuds. Then Frank McCourt came along with his memoir Angela's Ashes, for ever associating...
  12. D

    wanting to spend the rest of my life in turkey

    Hi my names diane and i would like to live in turkey because the people are so friendly there and the weather is nice and i have a boyfriend that lives there. I live alone in wales and have just sold my house and would like to buy a property in turkey i need all the help and advice i can get...
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