1. suzyq

    Stop teaching children how to spell because smartphones can do it for them

    Spelling lessons should be scrapped because children can correct mistakes on their mobile phone or computer, a university professor has claimed. Sugata Mitra, professor of educational technology at Newcastle University, said that good grammar was necessary 'maybe 100 years ago' but 'not right...
  2. T

    Easyjet - useful link if you spell a name incorrectly

    I'm sure we've all done it, I spelled my daughters name incorrectly, Juile instead of Julie a while ago. I had visions of massive charges for correcting it, but no, there is a chat forum set up which sorts out issues like this. I posted my mistake, booking ref and it was changed 1 day later...
  3. shirleyanntr

    did she put a spell on hım

    you dont need to understand Turkish to see whats going on here. this ıs a clip from a show where people are judged by a panel to see who is telling the truth. the couple in the show are getting a divorce ... the man has a problem with speaking ..he cant get his words out he found a muska ..an...
  4. willip

    Spell checks

    just noticed in right hand corner when you post new message we have got a spell check button. phew will be using it quite a bit. thanks
  5. perfect1949

    does being able to spell make you a beter person

    i have been pulled up many time's about my spelling , so i thought i would look up famous people that had difficulty in spelling here is the link Famous People who are Dyslexic or had Dyslexia . it look's like they did alright for themselve's . dave
  6. McDHibs

    Spell Checkers

    Ladles and Guise please all wheys double cheque your work as you can knot relay on the spell chequer!!! Enjoy! Eye halve a spelling chequer It came with my pea sea It plainly marques, fore my revue, Miss steaks eye do knot sea. Eye strike a key and type a word...
  7. Squeaky

    Spell checking with Firefox

    Good afternoon: I notice misspelled words in some of the posts and wonder if others might not have noticed a facility in Firefox. Of course, many others may not use this browser. For some time after I began posting on forum I would notice that a word I had just typed would show a wavy red...
  8. Mushtaq

    I Can't spell

    My spelling is <s>atriouses</s> <s>atroshes</s> oh bugger, is crap.:) But then I found this little utility called ieSpell, it's a spell checker for Internet Explorer, and works really well, and it's FREE. So now I can check my posts before I hit the Post button [:I] It can be downloaded from...
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