1. T

    UK streets with best & worst broadband speeds

    Thought some people might be interested in this. On the news tonight they mentioned that this might even affect house prices. Britain's best and worst streets for broadband speed revealed | This is Money Which how to complain and campaign against slow broadband How to complain about your...
  2. djmagic

    internet speeds

    whats the internet speed in turgutreis. i understand it varies in areas.. also what do you pay for your's... many thanks
  3. immac

    ADSL Speeds in Fethiye

    Up to last weekend I was getting 5Mbs, Since Wednesday it is never above 2.6Mbs. Is anyone else having similar reduction in speed? My computer guy is going through the TTnet phone support to try to deal with it but they say "No problem" at their end, so far. Ian
  4. J

    Download Speeds

    Hi, I have searched the site and know that there has been much discussion about internet connections but can anyone who has broadband in their home in Altinkum tell me what sort of download speeds you get and how reliable the connection is please? I know that this will vary depending upon...
  5. abba

    Internet broadband speeds

    CNN had a report yesterday on international broadband speeds. If you go to the atricle you can click on the internet speed map (in first paragraph) and then click on Turkey and you will get the test results which you can then compare with your own tests to determine how your speed compares...
  6. G

    Internet connection speeds

    Just as a matter of interest. Go to the link www.speedtest.net and run a speed test. Then once it's been done post the result here. You can simply select the top box once the result is shown 'copy' and paste the code here, which will then display the result like below. Let's see who has some...
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