1. yalimart

    Queens Speech

    I personally would never watch it, is this true ? Martin
  2. T

    Will EU Articles 11 & 13 Suppress Free Speech?

    The EU 'Juri' has waived through new legislation that threatens the internet's Free Speech. Under the guise of protecting Copy-rights the planned legislation would make it almost impossible to repost, links, photos etc, without a very expensive licence which only the big boyz can afford...
  3. B

    Speech Therapist, Antalya

    Any information on Speech Therapist's, in Antalya. My neighbours are a Turkish Family. The youngest boy (three boys in the family) is three years old. He only has four words. Is there a good therapist who could help with delayed speech?
  4. S

    Liz's speech

    Good to see Mrs Windsor announce the Spanish premier is welcome but not the idiot from the US Even better to see Mayhems Mc Speech is trimmed down significantly esp re fox hunting. Bet some of the chinless wonders are well pissed re that one Come on Corbyn put this disastrous no credibility...
  5. mollag

    Speech therapy

    I have determined not to watch any Olympics, i have stuck to it, this is my only near miss. Wonderful accents on these lads, great Irish natural humour and no "celebrity" demeanor at them at all! Good luck to them. Irish rowing olympics - YouTube
  6. teosgirl

    Government endorsed hate speech

    TRT ekranlar?nda skandal yay?n: Namaz k?lmayan hayvand?r - birgun.net A professor of theology spoke on the government channel TRT during the Ramazan evening programme, calling those who don't pray animals. When is this government going to stop the attacks and hate speech? Another attack...
  7. PASH

    Just does not get this freedom of speech thing!

    Turkey confirms asking Germany to prosecute comedian for insulting Erdo?an - POLITICS
  8. Yalides

    Freedom of speech ?

    Thousands of Muslims gather outside Downing Street over Charlie Hebdo cartoonists | Daily Mail Online Where are the water cannons when you need them ?
  9. S

    free speech

    Mr Cameron PM was saying yesterday along the lines of it was not nice to insult a persons religion but you had the right as free speech was a basic right in the west...however if you call a coloured person by an insulting name. or insult someone on the internet for example you can be in big...
  10. J

    Free Speech?

    As long as you don't offer alternative views on religion Free speech outcry as images of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are banned from London South Bank University for offending religious people - News - Student - The Independent
  11. Yalides

    Queen`s speech

    Anyone watch it ? We didn`t, not changing the habits of a lifetime.....
  12. shirleyanntr

    freedom of speech

    you may or may not have heard of Canan Arın a Womens Rights advocate who is on trial for something she said during a conference on Child Marriages in Turkey. the third pat of the trial is due in august..if found guilty sh is facing five years in prison for trying to bring attention to what is a...
  13. Yalides

    Annoying speech habits

    Don`t you just find it annoying when people punctuate their speech with numerous, you knows, like, um, etc Perhaps one of the most annoying habits a person can have is to laugh after each and every sentence you know like..
  14. perfect1949

    the it's not you it's me speech

    how many have had that said to them over the years . why don't they just say I don't like you ? . dave
  15. C

    Speech Therapy ?

    Over in England, a very pretty young speech therapist was getting nowhere with her “Stammerers Action Group”. She’d tried every technique in the book without the slightest success. No one was improving. Finally, thoroughly exasperated, she said "If any of you can tell me, without...
  16. bickern

    The President's Speech

    coming to a town near you, shortly. YouTube - The President's Speech well, i thought it was good. LOL
  17. teosgirl

    questionable comment or free speech?

    Do you think this man's comment is racist? Or is he simply airing his opinion? Has he actually said anything derogative about ethnic minorities? Midsomer Murders Producer Brian True-May Suspended Over Ethnic Minorities Comments | Showbiz News | Sky News Reading through the comments underneath...
  18. shirleyanntr

    the kings speech

    i watched this film last week with Alison and we both enjoyed it its a bit slow moving at first but nonetheless the acting is super and Colin Firth really puts it across how awful it must have been for a man in the kings position to have a speech impediment and to be expected to speak to the...
  19. P

    Cameron's Speech yesterday

    Prime Minister said the country was in a worse financial state after looking at the books and the borrowing was into hundreds of billions of pounds. That it will take at least 10 years to try and get back on track. Warned us all - rich and poor alike will have to ride the storm. There were...
  20. S

    Speech Therapist?

    Does anyone know of an English speaking speech therapist in the Bodrum area? Sara
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