1. Q

    Suspiciously specific Internet outages

    Is it common to have very local internet outages in Turkey? Twice in Istanbul, the internet at the hotel stopped working, and since their tech guy was there, and they couldn't or wouldn't restart the modem (That's such a basic thing I can't understand why they don't try it, but I've got the...
  2. G

    Evil is not race specific

    Me and my partner live together in alanya he is studying &will b finished in june. He will come to uk to study further by doing a masters for 2years this will allows us to be together in england and decide where we will settle. He is saving up £8000 for the course.he doesnt want any financial...
  3. GnD

    utility rates specific to each area in Dalaman

    hi all, Would REALLY appreciate any details on the electricity rates T1, T2, T3. T4 and timings during which each rate appies. We thought we were starting to understand them but apparently not as the other half found some statistics out on another website but they are not specific to Dalaman...
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