1. B

    Rabbi speaks out.

    An academic boycott of Israel will backfire - Telegraph This is from a Rabbi who has spoken out against the Israeli Government. I think that she is talking sense. Bill.
  2. Lez Zetli

    Prime Minister of Turkey speaks out against popular TV Series

    According to Turkish friends now watching the popular TV series about the Ottoman empire, "Muhteşım Yüzyıl", T ayip Recep Erdogan has spoken out against it because the harem depicts sex without love. So he didn't know before that's what the Sultans had harems for? And what's it got to do with...
  3. A

    Who speaks Arabic?

    Salam Alaykom .. السلام عليكم Merhaba I am an Arab and I live in Morocco .. I am looking for ladies speak Arabic and live in Turkey in order to communicate with them to learn the Turkish language ... Is that possible? Hello and thank you for all .. Zahra صلوا على الحبيب المصطفى
  4. A

    Lord Howell speaks about Turkey's role as a key regional and global power..

    Turkey, its neighbours and Europe 25 March 2011 - Lord Howell speaks about Turkey's role as a key regional and global power. An accurate or deluded account?
  5. W

    i need a solicitor, that speaks engish

    can anyone point me in the right direction to a solicitor i can use that speaks both english and turkish, either in uk this is preferable, or in turkey Thanks Ann
  6. R

    Can you Recommend a good Solicitor who speaks English-Kusadasi area?

    Hello I did look on here( search feature) before posting. Can anyone recommend a good English speaking lawyer around Kusadasi please? Is it best contacting a lawyer before going out to view properties or is it ok just contacting a lawyer when and if I buy a house at the time? Thanks Rach
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