1. Justin

    English speaking electrician Didim area

    Could anybody recommend an English speaking electrician either Altinkum or Akbuk. Thanks
  2. K

    Trekking, camping and exploring Aegean part of Turkey with English speaking groups

    Who is in?🕺
  3. V

    English speaking lawyer

    Hiya. I am new to this bsite and this is my first post! I am looking for an English speaking lawyer in Kusadasi specialising in Property (Sales/Rentals). Any recommendations?!
  4. T

    English speaking lawyer recommendation

    Hi, could anyone recommend a reliable English speaking lawyer please. Thanks Tina-Marie
  5. S

    Speaking Turkish-outside of Turkey

    So I am sitting in a pub in Valencia and getting to know the staff. Ask one of them the usual stuff, are you from the town, have you worked here long etc- then it dawns on me I am rambling away in my awful Turkish-and the staff members answering me in Turkish too!!!! Turns out her daughter is...
  6. S

    Gulluk Garanti English Speaking Bank Operative

    Does anyone have the e-mail address of a Gulluk Garanti customer representative that speaks good English. There used to be a brilliant, efficient lady called Asiye who dealt with all English enquiries but she seems to have left. Thanks. Sunseeker
  7. M

    English speaking gp doctor in Marmaris

    Does anyone know of an english speaking gp doctor in Marmaris with his own practice preferred.
  8. S

    English speaking builder around Dalaman/Ortaca area

    Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend us an english speaking builder in Dalaman/Ortaca area? We would like to build an eco friendly home in the middle of a small village. My husband is the project manager. Thanks in advance.
  9. M

    Finding an English speaking accountant

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to find an accountant/bookkeeper to prepare accounts for a school charity in Istanbul. They need to be able to produce accounts in English but also speaking Arabic would be a bonus. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  10. R

    Looking for english speaking Psychiatrist.

    Looking for an english speaking Psychiatrist in the Izmir proper area. Thanks.
  11. L

    English speaking Solicitor in Fethiye

    I hope that someone will be able to help me,im looking for an English speaking Solicitor in Fethiye, hopefully someone will have used 1 and possibly give me an idea of how good they are plus their feees etc. In any info would be very much appreciated regards Lofty
  12. TurkInDenmark

    URGENT: English speaking lawyer, military!

    This morning I got woked up by two men in police uniforms, saying I needed to go see the military. I have just found out that I'm half Turkish citizen, and now they apparently also found out, and wants to see if they can get my ass in to the milli. I speak Turkish, but not well enough to defend...
  13. D

    Basic English speaking tv

    Hi all Again looking for a bit of guidance . Free to air English satelite tv systems please any advice . So I am looking at approximate cost and system name . Only want free to air basics in films ,news kids etc Mainly to use as holiday home and possibly for us to view dvd etc . I can't...
  14. Akasya

    English speaking Doctor Bodrum

    Is anyone aware of an English speaking Doctor in or around Bodrum / Gulluk / Yalikavak etc. I have run out of a prescription only pain reliever and need a scrip from a Doctor. There is no chance this will heal before we go home, another two weeks. Getting rather too friendly with the hooch...
  15. M

    French speaking person

    Hello. I have a home in Kadikalesi but I only go there during holidays. I am Belgian and I would meet people speaking french in Kadikalesi, Turgutreis or Gümüslük. I would be very happy to meet you. Thank you
  16. M

    English speaking banks in Turgutreis

    Hi all Can anybody recommend any bank in Turgutreis with english speaking staff? We are looking for a bank with good interest rates for a monthly timed deposit account. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. M

    English Speaking Doctor

    I wonder if anyone knows of an English speaking doctor in the Gumusluk, Turgutreis, Yalikavak area. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  18. M

    English speaking advocate in Alanya needed - help please!

    Hi not sure if anyone can help please I need to contact a local advocate in Alanya, English speaking for some advice. I am a British national resident here in Turkey and have tried to register my daughters birth for an ID card with my Turkish fiancé's and baby's daughters surname. As I was...
  19. D

    Computer Expert (English Speaking)

    My WiFi/computer problem was quickly and professionally dealt with by, Ferhat Harman, Teknoas Computer, Dalyan. 05423257478, on 5 April 2014. He has studied IT/Computing in UK and Turkey. His english is excellent as was his price. He can do Wifi Router Set Up, TTNET Registration, build and...
  20. T

    Any English speaking mums in Ortaca/Dalyan?

    Hi all Any English speaking mums living in ortaca/Dalyan wanting to meet for coffee? I have a little one nearly two years old, she is missing her little play mates from home. Would be nice to find a little play mate for her.
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