1. A89

    Connect laptop to İpod dock as speakers

    I use my laptop as a TV with a pair of cheap speakers and Ive been thinking of starting to play cds on it now ıve brought them from UK but sitting next to it is my super duper Sony Ipod dock. Is there a way to connect my laptop to the dock to use that instead of speakers? Ive just looked at it...
  2. Spike

    Mivoc speakers for sale

    In Dalaman, Pair Mivoc speakers, for sale 60 TL. Buyer collects, or can drop off in Dalaman.
  3. E

    Fake 'Beatspill' Bluetooth speakers

    I bought a couple of these fake dr.dre beatspill speakers from the market in Didim, 80TL for the two. I was in a hurry and forgot to test them first and when I got home and opened the boxes they were both switched on but dead. After charging them both, one works great and lasts about 3 hours...
  4. Jaycey

    Any Russian speakers in the Falklands?

    . Putin Tells Britain To Resolve Falklands Row "The Russian president backs his Argentine counterpart after she accused Britain of "double standards" over territorial disputes. Vladimir Putin has waded into the Falkland Islands row, telling Britain it must sit down with Argentina for fresh...
  5. maggie


    Here we go again geeky peeps,!!!My speakers are connected make a noise but when I go to play something thro them they wont work??? What have I done or not done ?Yes I do have the volume on ( not that thick really Im not ) !!!!! Hugs Maggie xx
  6. hayabusa

    Turkish classes or speakers in Coventry area

    Hi, Are there any Turkish classes or speakers in. Coventry or surrounding as ?.... Regards.
  7. D

    face book group -İzmir English speakers

    As a long time dweller in İzmir i have come to the conclusion that i know so few 'English' speakers in the city so i thought i would start a facebook group with a view to getting together for social events. İt will be a mixed group with lots of Turks who speak English and us yabanci. İt will be...
  8. T

    help with usb speakers needed

    I got some usb speakers to use with my laptop but can;t seem to get them to work, the speakers came with a cable with 3 jacks attached,I think one goes to laptop and two goes to speakers, but can't seem to get them to work. any help would be appreciated.
  9. C

    Any Chinese speakers?

    I know that this is a long shot, but is there anybody in the Fethiye area who can understand Chinese please. I am not sure whether it is simplified (!) or standard. PM me if you prefer. Many thanks
  10. O

    Hiring native Turkish speakers

    Hello, We’re on the lookout for Turkish Speaking people who feel right at home online, reading blogs and browsing through social networks. We are looking for very motivated, energized people who appreciate a position where they can grow and develop. The job requires working from home and not the...
  11. Mushtaq

    Turkey to hire native English speakers as guest teachers

    The Ministry of Education will bring in native English-speaking teachers to work with teachers in English language classes across Turkey. The Ministry of Education will bring in native English-speaking teachers to work with teachers in English language classes across Turkey starting from the...
  12. Raysalaff

    DVD For Sale With Suround Speakers

    I have a LG DVD player with Surround a Sound for sale, it’s had little use and in very good condition, there is a USB slot, so you can plug in a memory stick with photos a music which you can play through the system. Complete with remote control and manual. Must be collected from Gökçebel PM...
  13. LyndaW

    amp and speakers

    A bit of a long shot but i am looking for second hand amp and speakers for the boat. Lynda
  14. B

    Are there any Italian speakers on TLF?

    I'd be so grateful if you could PM me if there is someone who is fluent. Thanks Boppy
  15. D

    Kavuk Yelleri [for non turkish speakers]

    Hi have any of you watched Kavuk Yelleri? its a soap aimed at teens but im sure others will enjoy it. You can watch episodes 1 - 12 [more comming] at youtube. And for you non turkish speakers it has english subtitles. I can't use url links for some reason so just search for chanel...
  16. P

    Are there any Turkish speakers here?

    Hello. Just wondered if there are any turkish speakers around at the moment? I found this website that can check the credentials of Solicitors in Turkey to ensure that they are registered and have not been struck off or are not registered to any bar, however, the results it returns are in...
  17. Anfield

    KEF Speakers for Home Theater

    Has anyone tried or got the KEF KHT 3005 speaker package or the KEF Iq speakers, as I am trying to decide which ones to get. Or heard either of these two systems in the Hi Fi shops. Phil
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