1. shirleyanntr

    happy bırthday Sparrow

    happy bırthday to a dear frıend Nadıne ı hope you have a wonderful relaxıng day drınk a few jugs of excellent French or Flemish vino and enjoy yourself you deserve it :Flower::bigkiss:
  2. B

    Happy Birthday Sparrow

    Happy Birthday Nadine, and to all celebrating their special day ,love Bernie xxx
  3. Harem

    Happy Birthday Sparrow

    Hello Nadine, my very best wishes for a Very Happy Birthday to you. I hope you will have a very enjoyable day.:pressie::pressie::pressie:
  4. Andy

    Happy Birthday Sparrow

    Big Birthday wishes Nadine hope you have a Fab day. Best Wishes:blowkiss::52:
  5. shirleyanntr

    a short break with sparrow

    Last weekend i spent a few days with Sparrow/Nadine and Carrie who is also a forum member. We stayed at the Canada Hotel in Çirali and it was perfect. Developing a friendship on an internet forum could be fraught with difficulties when it comes to actually stepping out of the ‘cyberspace’...
  6. kaplumba

    yoo hoo sparrow

    I see Sparrow is back from Datca - well - how did it go? I hope you had a wonderful time. Please tell us all about it! :)
  7. jcrian

    Sparrow Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Nadine, Enjoy your day :pressie:
  8. shirleyanntr

    a message for sparrow

    i want to say a word of support and cheer for Sparrow aka Nadine. who is from Belgium. She hasnt been on the forum so much lately as her elderly mother is she also works full time..but she misses us all she has been really supportive to me with my ''turkish word a day'' and is a...
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