1. Mushtaq

    Same sex dance ban plan sparks row

    A proposal which could prevent same-sex dance partners from competing against mixed-sex couples has caused a row in the world of ballroom dancing. The British Dance Council (BDC) is to debate a rule change which would define a partnership as being "one man and one lady... unless otherwise...
  2. mollag

    Lack of sparks

    Eeeh, our eleky is up and down like a whores drawers of late, worst spate in four years here, we are de-lighted [gerrit?] to say the least. I,m wondering is it the weather, maintenance or fire damage? Anyhoo, looks like another night watching telly by candlelight :wacko:
  3. no-nem

    Marks & sparks

    Can you tell me where marks and sparks are in Izmir please?: Mrs No-nem needs some new ''over yer shoulder boulder holders'' and Marks she reckons are the best, and reading around here so do some others. Fanks.
  4. merlin

    Strong quake kills two in Turkey, sparks widespread panic....

    The fourth powerful earthquake in a week rocked the western Turkish city of Izmir early Friday, causing two deaths and keeping terrified residents on the edge, officials and reports said. The 5.9 magnitude quake struck Turkey's third-largest city around 12:40 am (2140 GMT Thursday), leading to...
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