1. B

    Has anybody on the forum got 20miilion to spare

    West Heslerton: Entire village goes up for sale for £20m - BBC News I know I haven't. Bill.
  2. ZiaCa'

    Help Needed at Kitty House - Can you spare an hour or two?

    Would anyone like to help out at the Kitty House (based at the Animal Shelter) for 1-2 hrs per week? It is kitten season so the Kitty House is so much busier than usual. The plan is to get these kitties neutered and then out to a feeding station. We have to hold onto them for a couple of months...

    No spare tire !

    Currently looking at changing my chariot and having found a new one I was surprised to learn that most new cars do not have a spare wheel just a sealant repair kit.What p@ssed me off was that the sales guy did not tell me, and I just noticed by chance! Would u drive around this part of the...
  4. TNT123

    Spare a Thought for them.

    Firstly if this has already been done earlier then forgive me if not then please. Give a thought or prayer for our Emergency Services in UK and were you live be it Turkey or anywhere for that matter on Christmas day.The Fire Service,The Ambulance Service and the Police Service as well as our...
  5. pineapple1

    Lets Spare A Moment !`

    Can I ask you all to spare a moment and remember those we have lost this year from TLF and raise a glass to absent friends . And I wish all the very best to Arriane Ceni Kale & Soo I hope all goes well for you all in 2012 I wish all members a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New year...
  6. gerald

    If you can spare a minute

    If you can spare a minute have a look at this 20 minute display... priceless
  7. G

    Spare return flight to Antalya from Manchester

    Hi all. Best laid plans and all that! Our eldest daughter and her boyfriend were due to come to Side with us for 4 weeks this Summer. It's all now off so we have a spare outward and return flight. We are flying out on 22nd July with Monarch and returning on the 19th August (with Thomas Cook)...
  8. S

    Spare a thought

    As the countdown to christmas begins, please spare a thought for all retail staff. It's really not our fault you've got to queue for 10 minuites, we're busy. And yes, I know it's an inconvieniance that we're closed for 2 days, but we've got homes and families too. No, we don't have any turkeys...

    Have u some spare time

    Assuming that Queenie does not want the Job, does anyone know any TLF members that may have a bit of time on their hands? BBC asks Queen if she would like to take control of Irish Republic - Republic of Ireland, Local & National -
  10. Rainbow

    Any Spare TLC Out There?

    Hi Everyone I know I don,t normally post when I,m having a down time but today I really feel in the need of some TLC. I had chemo yesterday and had a really bad night last night, so today I feel like shite. :( So any spare TLC out there would be gratefully appreciated. Soo x p.s I,m sure...
  11. A

    Spare Baby Equipment

    Are there any TLF members who have any baby equipment they do not want as I know of a young English girl who is having a baby boy in July and has no help whatsoever as she cant go back to the UK. She needs absolutely everything. I am trying to help her as she is a lovely girl whose parents have...
  12. spitfire

    Any Spare Cash???

    If anyone has a spare £790000.00 I've spotted a great item on Ebay. It's an unfinished picture of a dead horse! You can see it HERE I've heard of flogging a dead horse but this is Ridiculous :lol:
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