1. kemerkid

    Spanish floods

    Stay safe Philip. Condolences to all affected.
  2. immac

    Spanish Time Share

    LBC Radio are running ads this week for anyone who has Time Share in Spain. Seems there has been a Spanish High Court ruling that many schemes have been selling illegally and those who have been duped are liable for compensation (around £30,000) according to the advert from a solicitor in...
  3. S

    Spanish cheap booze

    A timely warning re the dangers of cheap booze A fella I know, errrm, Fred yeah Fred- came across a bar yesterday which does like many in Spain has a weekly cheap list with different offers on different days Well most didn't apply to Frank as I or rather he only drinks beers never spirits or...
  4. S

    Spanish Festivals

    Here's the programme for our upcoming village Fiesta Cool or what- except the bull running bit
  5. S

    Spanish Royalty

    Moving on from yesterday's Spanish Binmen... Now I am staunchly anti Royal but since ALL British people worship your multi billionaire benefit recipients I thought I would compare yours with my newly adopted countries version Yes yours will have opened more things, waved a few years longer and...
  6. S

    Spanish Binmen

    Now I know you ALL- esp Jaycey/Bal ( basically same person) enjoy my random inane musings about aspects of Spanish life from showers to bells etc. Well here in item no. 354 in a series of 970 is my fascination with the efficiency of the Spanish bin men system. In Spain dotted around the towns...
  7. Jaycey

    Spanish invasion of Ukraine?

    Gee, I never thought I’d be starting yet another Spanish thread - we know the Russians have a sh1te sense of direction… ......... But I saw this trundling along our high street this morning… Perhaps our esteemed Spanish resident can assure us he’s not planning to invade Ukraine & set...
  8. S

    Spanish honesty

    Messaged a friend in our new village on instruction from wifey to ask are there any good hairdressers in the village My Spanish friend replied- Pero ¿por qué Felipe? Tienes menos pelo que un balón de fútbol ( But why Philip. You have less hair than a football)
  9. kemerkid

    Spanish Fly.

    Perhaps with this new interest in Spanish holidays we should generate a list of airlines and tour operators to aid members to find their ideal bathroom.
  10. kemerkid

    Spanish bathrooms.

    The traditional Spanish bathroom derives its appearance from its Mediterranean location and is influenced by countries such as Italy, Greece and Turkey. The centre piece would be the bath itself and can be found set in a surround shaped like a four poster bed, sometimes in a stone alcove...
  11. SLEEPY

    Spanish take away

    By all accounts the alleged offenders had Belfast accents ! Eat-and-flee gang 'hit second Spain restaurant' - BBC News
  12. S

    Spanish Living Forum

    There seems so much rancour, bad feeling, arguments disputes and disagreements on TLF thesedays over everything from Ukraine to UKIP, and Trump Syria ISIS etc-I thought I would just give a few quotes from SLF to show how we get on over there: Barca Des-" I might not agree with your view but I...
  13. mollag

    Brexit, a Spanish perspective.

    l thats him banned now we control our own borders. :drama: Laughing Man on Brexit - YouTube
  14. juco

    Riots in 53 Spanish cities

    Going from the info this happened a couple of days ago but I never saw a mention of this on the BBc news. Are they trying to keep this from us? Some serious clashes. - Riots In Spain
  15. B

    Spanish in Gib waters

    Gibraltar: UK to protest actions of Spanish warship - Telegraph It looks like the Spanish are trying to divert attention away from their domestic problems again. Bill.
  16. teosgirl

    Spanish school causes outrage

    Spanish school cause outrage after staging an invasion of Gibraltar showing British people being shot with machine guns | Mail Online In Turkey these students would be locked up on terrorist charges and accused of being part of an armed organisation :) Is it offensive? Charlotte
  17. niyaz

    Spanish banks repossessions

    The Spanish banks are understandably keen to reduce the numbers of properties on their books, and so the time has never been better to acquire one of these Costa del Sol property bargains. But still not in the same league as Turkish properties as regards to price.
  18. Yalides

    Spanish Oysters

    A big Alabamian stopped at a local restaurant following a day roaming around in Torrevieja Spain ... While sipping his wine, he noticed a sizzling, scrumptious looking platter being served at the next table. Not only did it look good, the smell was wonderful. He asked the waiter, 'What is that...
  19. newhorizon

    Spanish Grand Prix 10-12 May 2013

    Been a while....another F1 race this weekend. Qualifying for those watching live has just started....
  20. M

    Spanish Holidays

    I believe the Turkish tourist board have recently realised figures suggesting an increase in tourism, is this a projested figure given that the Spanish government have increased taxes that will have an impact on the cost of Spanish holidays ?
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