1. bickern

    Another round of spammers

    Just a heads up really but I have noticed a surge in spammers attaching supposed faxes or delivery notes with .js scripts attached or office documents with macros. Be ever vigilent folks. C&P from Sanesecurity ----------------------------------------------------------------- The current...
  2. Yalides


    Influx of purple names today. Is it the spamming season ?
  3. Lyndsey

    Bodrum Car Hire - Spammers?

    Just reported them to moderators. Was sent a pm from a member called borumcarhire with links to their websites and they've never posted on the forum. Anyone else had the same?
  4. Mushtaq

    Duplicate threads and Spammers

    Please don't start duplicate threads, it just creates a mess and confuses members as to which one to reply to. Use the search facility or look at recent threads to make sure someone hasn't already started a similar thread already. If you see a spam and insulting post, please don't start to...
  5. bobthenob

    vile spammers

    The recent spamming on the forum has certianly attracted a large response.This is what the spammer wanted. Why fuel the flames when you can use water.All you have to do is to just report it without replying to these vile posters written by vile's like offering a gift to a criminal for...
  6. S

    pork spammers

    I have been get spammed by some damn pork butcher down south. I know a few others that have been spammed by this person. Anyone else on here been getting the spam? We need to name and shame this establishment.
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