1. Helenm150

    Barclays Bank - Spam?

    This e-mail has been sent by Barclays Bank UK server to inform you that your Barclays Online account will be deactivated within the next 24 hours due to incomplete account information. To prevent this from happening, please login securely to our activation link below...
  2. Helenm150

    Westpac/Co-operative spam email?

    I just received this email from Westpac - I don't have an account with Westpac or the Co-operative and haven't ordered anything from a firm called AGL - there is an option to click on a link for further details but I am reluctant to do so as surely it has to be a spam email - but usually those...
  3. Yalides

    Junk mail, ads, spam

    The internet is full of ****e these days, Every page you go to has an ad or some kind of unwanted spam on it. Easy to ignore most of it but I have noticed full page ads popping up now and again. So annoying.
  4. Mushtaq

    kitchen spam adverts -

    If I was looking to buy a kitchen in the UK, the last company I would contact would be I would not trust a company who resorts to spamming the internet to get business. This company has been spamming this and other forums for a while and should be blacklisted. The number...
  5. val2661

    Spam emails!!!!!

    I have in the past two weeks been receiving about 100 spam emails daily. Also on my phone I use in Turkey (English Pay as you go sim) I've received a number of unsolicited texts from various ladies on a site called UP FOR IT, asking me to text them. The only time I given my email address and...
  6. T

    Spam - Scam? Turkcell

    I received this into my Spam folder yesterday, Has anyone else had one? It's a Google translation, anyone know if it's an accurate one please. Seems I'm already late paying! lol........ Dear Customer, Yalcin Brothers Carpet Company Tek.San.Ve Tic.Ltd billing information published on...
  7. R

    Virus Laden Spam

    Hi, I'm certainly no technology expert so this may be a stupid question. Someone I know has a young daughter-I somehow ended up on the daughters 'Hotmail' address book. I am being inundated by e-mails (20-30 a day) to my Google account which I obviously never open. Despite numerous requests...
  8. arrian

    How to unsubscribe spam???

    is there any way to unsubscribe spam that doesn't have an unsubscribe option???? i'm cheesed off with getting spam from 'casinos', 'buy viagra'(!) 'online bingo' and other rubbish, but they show this option. anybody any ideas please????
  9. G

    Spam or not?

    It maybe me being niave but I thought the attached was a message from the forum and its just a spam thing, annoying if forums are now supporting this stuff.
  10. mollag

    Spam maybe?

    I recieved an e mail this morning to the effect that mfailure to post once a month would lead to membership being deleted, was it genuine or a phoney?. It smelt a bit of fish so i deleted without using any links.

    Spam hsbc email

    Tonight i signed into my emails to find in my spam box, an email supposedly from HSBC saying my account had been locked due to too many failed logins?????? After being at work on an 14 hr shift due to the Volcanic Ash, i knew i had not had time to access my bank account on line....When opening...
  12. Mushtaq

    lot of MSN spam?

    I have noticed a lot of people with names I don't recognise asking me to add them to my MSN, all of them don't have anything on their profile, so I refuse and report them as spammers. I wonder if this could be because I have my MSN ID in my profile and some spammers are registering on the forum...
  13. Andy

    Spam Emails

    How many emails do you get from websites you've never heard of ? :hmm: I was getting sick of the 30 + which i was getting on a daily basis so checked out my Spam Controls and found i could block all emails from people i don't know So if your tired of all the spam emails you receive, check out...
  14. juco

    Spam and require replies.

    Hi all, time for some fun, I received this spam from Turkey so have decided to take the guy on and see how far he will go. Below is the email and also my reply. I am looking for some ideas to keep this guy busy for the a while. Reply..... I thank you for considering me as a grantee of the...
  15. L


    A big than you to TLF member Gren who has very quickly notified me that my e-mail address has been spammed ! Problem do I get rid of the thing thats 'spamming ' ? Not a computer whizz so please keep it simple if you can help. Cheers ! Lynne
  16. jcrian

    Messenger Spam

    There seems to be a lot of spam being created from peoples email addresses in their contact list. I am receiving spam from people in my list and I know others are receiving the same from me. Mainly adverts about ring tones, but obviously not sent by any of the contacts.
  17. Akasya

    Combatting Spam Advertising on the TLF

    Morning everyone, like the rest of you i have been tee'd off by the spammers again this morning. I always click the link to the advertised supplier / service etc then go to their " contact us or links " , i then send ( from a throwaway e mail account i have ) a please stop your spamming, i will...
  18. Mushtaq

    Warning!!! - Please be careful

    There have been a lot of 'dodgy' looking new accounts on the forum recently, amongst the genuine new members, a lot of these are spammers who will not be able to spam much as we have a few deterrents to handle that. But a few will try to introduce viruses via links and attachments, therefore...
  19. Andy

    More dirty Spam

    Arrived this Morning. Experience the most mind blowing multiple orgasms ever with the one and only.... Jack Rabbit Vibrator! Check out the vibrator made famous by Charlotte on Sex and the City. Discover why Charlotte wouldn't leave her room for days until Sarah Jessica Parker burst in and...
  20. Andy

    The latest Spam email

    This made me laugh, who in their right mind would sent this to anyone ? Your girlfriend loves huge shlong but the problem is that you have small one. Do not worry! You have astonishing chance to solve this trouble. At present you can lengthenn your agregate size. You'll be a king of bed sure...
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