1. P

    Aquasis Deluxe Resort and Spa altinkum

    hi, does anyone have any news on the new hotel being built in altinkum the Aquasis Deluxe Resort and Spa, thanks
  2. juco

    Aurum Spa and Beach Resort Hotel,closed

    DIDIM Council has closed one of the newest hotels on the Turkish Aegean Coast over building permit and illegal structure issues. In a statement, released to the media on Tuesday, Didim Municipality said the five-star Aurum Spa and Beach Resort Hotel , at Fevzipasa, near Akbuk, had been 'sealed'...
  3. F

    Aurum resort and spa

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to go to turkey in June and my travel agent suggested the Aurum Resort and Spa. Does anyone know about it? It is due to open in May and it is also a five star accommodation. I would love to hear from anyone that knows where this hotel is being built or anyone that has...
  4. 1

    Sehar Resort and Spa -

    Hi, A friend of mine is flying out to this hotel on Friday (or Saturday) this week. How's the weather at present, bearing in mind we're having the wettest winter in years, in the UK I'm sure it will be better than here! Anything she must do/be aware of. At 66 this will be her 1st trip to...
  5. L

    Fısh Spa

    Marmarıs Fısh Spa ıs now Open !....The followıng treatments are now avaılable ...fısh therapy.manıcure pedıcure.massages! medıcal sports Aromatherapy Reflexology Bronzıng massage Relaxatıon massage Chocolate massage Facıals Deep clean Cleopatra Facıal.Waxıng .All our staff are fully qualıfıed...
  6. S

    Royal Heights Spa & Migros Delivery

    Hi, Does anyone know the contact details for the Royal Heights Spa? (Email address). Need to book some treatments in advance. Has the management changed again this year? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, we are hoping to order groceries online and get them delivered on the...
  7. M

    Grand Himalaya Thermal Spa

    Asem posted a link to this on face book- it looks like a huge development of timeshare apartments. Grand Himalaya Thermal Health and Holiday Centre Anyone know anything about this or where in Akbuk it is? Alice
  8. M

    Kusadasi Golf & Spa Resort (KG&SR)

    Kusadasi Golf & Spa Resort owners have established a Kusadasi Golf Owners Group forum at The group committee has already negotiated 23% savings on annual expenses. When you join the forum you will become acquainted with all the latest information regarding the resort...
  9. S

    Spa Facilities

    Does anyone know if any of the hotels allow use of their spa facilities to non-residents?
  10. J

    Carian Bay Spa and Beach Resort

    Those of you familiar with the Koyanbaba Bay area of Gumusluk - just past the new mosque and Migros on the road towards Gumuskaya/Yalikavak will have noted the new excavation and building work down in the bay. It seems as though at least part of it is a new hotel (mentioned by others on here)...
  11. R

    Royal garden resort and spa akbuk.

    This is a renewed appeal for information or possibly photos or videos of the site . After many long delays and neary 3 years over schedule the developer ensured us villas and apartments would be ready this summer. Does anyone live near the site to update us . Is there even building work taken...
  12. P

    vensoa beach resort and spa

    hi, anyone know where the venosa beach resort and spa is? s it new? anyone been?no reviews anywhere,thanks
  13. dalyansteve

    B C Spa Hotel Dalyan.

    Good news, the downstairs part of the Spa is now open, the only thing missing is the gym equipment, however there is a large indoor salt water swimming pool with twin jacuzies, a lovely hamam, 2 saunas, 1 steam room, 1 chillout room, lounging area and treatment rooms for massage etc with more...
  14. newhorizon

    Red Bull on Pole again! -Spa Belgium Grand Prix 2010

    This is one race I wanted to be at today! Alas, late/lack of planning meant no Spa and will be watching it in the dry on TV! Has anyone been to Spa-Francochamps? If so, would love to hear of your experiences and viewing points. Maybe something I'll get round to going to some other year...
  15. whu66

    Salmakis Beach Resort & Spa

    Anyone know what bus i have to get from bodrum bus station,to get to the Salmakis Beach Resort & Spa Many Thanks
  16. dalyansteve

    New Spa Hotel is open!

    After 3 years in the building and millions of dollars invested the new BC Spa Hotel is now open for guests and visitors. The Spa itself will open in about a month, God willing, and will have indoor heated swimming pool with jaccuzi's, a large Hamman, chillout room, sauna, steam room,gym and...
  17. kel20man

    Day Spa's In Gumusluk and Yalikavak?

    Hi All, I'm new to the site, I live in the UK, but have an apartment in Gumusluk, which I visit often.. I was wondering if anyone could help, I'm looking for a day Spa or Wellness Centre in Gumusluk and Yalikavak... I've found a few which are part of hotels and are not really available for day...
  18. J

    Gumbet hotel spa treatment

    Just seen this on Daily Mail website: Holiday from hell for teenage Brit left looking like a 'burns victim' after Turkish spa treatment By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 1:55 PM on 21st June 2009 A teenager's trip to Turkey turned to disaster when a beauty treatment at a luxury spa...
  19. C

    Mandalinci Spa &Wellness Hotel

    After speaking to the asst manager of the hotel apparently its due to be completed and opening on March 10th. We were lucky to be shown around and its looking very nice, at the moment they are finishing of rooftop bar and some painting, the bedrooms are finished and newly carpeted. The hotels...
  20. A

    Apollonium Beach Spa

    Hello this is my first post but I have been following posts for a while. Been waiting to see if anyone was buying at Apollonium at Bozbuk. My son and I bought off plan October 2006 with completion May 2009. A Lot of people actually are completing now but the facilities are not yet started. It is...
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