1. S

    Re: Post-apartheid South Africa.

    Re: Post-apartheid South Africa. It's honest working class non racist views like this which make me 1 Know I was wrong in my initial view Brexiteer = racist - (to mix threads) 2 There is a genuine feeling ( right our wrong) amongst some Brexiteers that they have been shafted by the outside...
  2. J

    South from Ephesus

    Just re reading this Brian Sewell book for the third or fourth time - a 1980s art travelogue from Ephesus to Side - highly recommended if you appreciate the historical sites along the Aegean coast
  3. M

    North Joins South

    What a wonderful moment to witness as North and South Korea join hands in peace. Of course there is a long way to go yet but I feel that we may get there quicker if someone might put a sock in Trumpty's mouth.
  4. L

    any meet ups south of Izmir

    Hi again Came over from UK last week, am settled in Yelki, near Guzelbache, have a car now and looking for some company for me and the spaniei, can anyone recommend any decent dog friendly walks for starters thanks in anticipation Anita
  5. Mag

    Dragut Point South Hotel

    Hi, Anyone got any opinions/reviews on Dragut Point South Hotel in Turgutreis? I'm familiar with the location and can get a decent deal for May. Comments appreciated.
  6. bickern

    South Africa's white minority warned

    South Africa's white minority warned they face 'uprising' and Zimbabwe-style land grab. SOUTH Africa’s white minority has been warned that they face an “uprising” if they fail to make urgent economic reforms, ruling black politicians have said. The country is on a knife edge with 13 politicians...
  7. B

    South African President

    Jacob Zuma painting: Are South Africans 'too free'? - BBC News Jaycey, I thought that this might interest you. Bill.
  8. yalimart

    South Yorkshire Police Once Again

    Five in court over South Yorkshire Police helicopter sex films - BBC News When will they learn. Martin
  9. suzyq

    US orders diplomatic, military families out of south Turkey

    The State Department and Pentagon ordered the families of U.S. diplomats and military personnel on March 29 to leave posts in southern Turkey due to security fears. The two agencies said dependents of American staffers at the U.S. consulate in Adana, the Incirlik air base and two other...
  10. bal canavar

    TROUBLE BREWING in South east Turkey

    If there wasn't enough trouble in Turkey, trouble is brewing in the Southeast. The election has left a lot of unresolved anger and a feeling of fustration of the result , plus the ruling parties bombing of pkk positions under the guise of bombing Daesh. Towns and villages in the SE the...
  11. Firefox

    Crossing the Line - North Cyprus to South

    Has anybody crossed the border from Turkish held Cypress into Cypress Greek side. Is there a border as such as I am planning a trip from Izmir to Ercan then hope to go by land into EU side. :angel:
  12. B

    South Dakota Chief.

    Bury My Heart in Dresden - Al Jazeera English Fortunately, this sort of thing (Human Zoo) would not be allowed today, but my heart goes out to any descendants which he might have in South Dakota. Hopefully his grave will be well tended, and possibly some of...
  13. Spurs

    South to North

    If I am reading this article right, there could be a lot of people down South being pushed out of their areas..............just makes the North/South divide even greater. All sounds so simple, moving away from your roots, kids in different schools, no friends, deprived area.............brainwave...
  14. B

    South African violence.

    South Africa deploys army to quell xenophobic violence - Al Jazeera English I don't know if this article will be of any interest to you Jaycee. You possibly have enough problems on your own doorstep...
  15. B

    South African novelist dies.

    André Brink, novelist - obituary - Telegraph I wondered if this obituary would be of any interest to you Jaycey. Bill.
  16. B

    Orania, South Africa.

    BBC News - Inside South Africa's whites-only town of Orania Just out of curiosity do you know anything about this town Jaycey? Bill.
  17. B

    South African Obituary.

    Nadine Gordimer - obituary - Telegraph As a South African Jaycey, I thought that this may be of interest to you.Did you know anything of her? She sounds like a very interesting lady. Bill.
  18. B

    Post-apartheid South Africa.

    The sad decline of post-apartheid South Africa - Telegraph As a South African Jaycey, I thought that this letter in the Telegraph might interest you. Bill...
  19. B

    Harry's South Pole Heroes.

    Good programme on ITV last night, every one of those service personnel from the UK, US and Commonwealth were magnificent. It took true courage and determination to attempt that trek. The second and final part will be shown next Sunday. Bill.
  20. B

    South pole trek.

    Congratulations to all the UK, US and Commonwealth Service Personnel, who reached the South Pole today after walking in some terrible weather conditions. Bill.
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