1. MiddleEarth

    An Educational Open Source Project

    I am pleased to see occasional good news from the media and an educational effort as well. Be sure to watch the video... Bloodhound SSC: 1,000mph car built to inspire the next generation of British engineers "It is claimed that Britain's aircraft industry will lose 60% of its skilled workforce...
  2. J

    Alternative energy source

    BBC News - World's first lagoon power plants unveiled in UK Not being a very good economist I'd be interested to know other's ( energy economists) views on this.
  3. M

    Free Original Source Goodies Bath/Shower Stuff.

    Click on link, register with them and then they send you samples and request feedback from you on website, when you have left feedback they keep sending you more freebies to try.
  4. G

    Over a million Turkish families have no main source of income

    Does anyone know how the Turkish Welfare System works? -------------------------------------------------------------- Over a million families have no main source of income Monday, August 8, 2005 ANKARA - Turkish Daily News The Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO) released a report on Sunday...
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