1. shirleyanntr

    sour grapes from erdo─čan

    because Turkey didnt get the 2020 games the West is being accused by the pm of being anti islam ie islamaphobic once again. this man invites dissent and wants people to join in his bitterness He is a racist he has no time for the West is full of badness and cant see straight...but his comment...
  2. J

    sour cream

    I know its been asked before but i have search and cant find it . SOUR CREAM whats the name in Turkish or a alternative please.
  3. K

    Turkish Delight Turns Sour - Alexander hills

    Turkish Delight Turns Sour I am sure, in common with many Owners, I looked forward to enjoying care free time in the sun once all the legal and other formalities associated with buying property abroad were sorted out. Unfortunately, this pipe-dream has never materialised and the latest event...
  4. John O' Dreams

    Sweet and sour mouse?

    Mouse jumps from bowl in restaurant A restaurant owner has been criticised for an "appalling catalogue of offences" after health inspectors saw a mouse jumping from a bowl of sweet and sour sauce in the kitchen. Inspectors visiting the Kam Tong, Hung Tao and Kiasu restaurants in Queensway...
  5. dlturk7

    Moderators: stop discussion turning sour

    I'm a new member and really saddened by the recent volcanic eruption among regular members here at TLF, which prompted some to leave, including moderators. And the ash of negativity still lingers... In my opinion, this forum draws everyone from everywhere - it's a melting pot of cultures...
  6. Howell's

    Hot & Sour Soup

    Hi all, my hubby wants to make chinese style hot & sour soup after we had an amazing meal at rosittas in didim, where the soup was out of this world. Has anyone got any good ideas to make this soup bearing in mind we live in turkey full time and some of the ingredients may have to be substituted...
  7. Peaceplant

    Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce

    Sweet 'n' Sour Sauce - 1 cup chicken stock - 1\2 cup syrup from canned pineapple - 1\3 cup vinegar (the grape vinegar in Turkey fine) - 1\3 cup sugar - 1 tbsp. cornflour - 1 tbsp. light soy sauce (only seen dark soy in Turkey but it's fine) - 1\4 cup ketchup - 1\4 tsp. salt - black pepper -...
  8. Aladin

    Sour Oranges

    Can anyone help please? Our neighbour served us an 'orange jam' - think thats the best way to describe it - the rind was curl up and in a thick syrup. We were told that Turkish people eat it with jam but all of us at the meal thought it was great just as it was and devoured the lot! We...
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