1. Struggs

    Soups, Stews & Chillies recipes

    Picked this up on moneysavingexpert, free download of Betty Crocker recipe book, there are some nice recipes, idea for winter warmers. Soups, Stews & Chilies
  2. Rainbow

    Soups and more soups

    After posting on the "Indian" thread, it got me thinking:- I,m sure I,m not the only person who loves soups. Over the years I have collected loads of soup recipes, so I,m wondering if there are other Soupaholics out there who would like to exchange recipes? I have some extremely easy recipes...
  3. Mushtaq

    Various Turkish soups

    Vegetable Soup Ingredients Potato 1 medium Carrot 1 medium Squash 1 medium Celery 1 medium Butter 50 g Black pepper, Salt Sauce Ingredients Water 2 cups Egg 1 lemon juice 1 tablespoon flour 1 teaspoon Procedure Wash and grate all vegetables. Put saucepan, cover...
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