1. M

    Car driver sought.

    Does anybody know of a way to trace the owner of a vehicle in Turkey using the registration number, and if so, how? Have been to the police. and as it is, to them, a minor issue, they are not really interested. Thanks
  2. O

    Advice sought on VPN

    A friend suggested we install hotspot shield. It works. It does what we want it to do and it's free. But it has some very annoying habits. It keeps opening Internet Explorer to show us adverts (we use Firefox) and, very often, the adverts cover a part of the screen where we need to click...
  3. E

    Long Term Rental Sought

    Hi everyone, my husband and I are looking for a* very long term* rental in the Dalyan/Okçular area. This can be either a home or a ground floor apartment with access to a garden. Around 300-400 Lira a month, furnished or partially furnished. We have an Alsatian cross who will soon grow to a...
  4. T

    Hello from a new member and advice sought!

    Hello everyone on the forum! Great forum btw, I've been reading and learning about living in Turkey for a few weeks, now time to register. I especially like all the sub forums by area/city/village that help understanding the various areas given Turkey is a very large place! A bit about me...
  5. L

    Volunteers/room or shed to rent sought for animal welfare project in Avsallar

    A friend of mine is desperately looking for volunteer/s and a room/shed to rent to house rescued cats that have been adopted but need to safely complete the mandatory time period before they can leave the country to go to their new homes - and are at risk of poisoning, abuse etc if left...
  6. H

    Long Term Rental Sought

    After listening to good advice on this forum I've decided to rent long term rather than buy for now. I'm looking for a two bedroom apartment but would settle for one bedroom; must be fully furnished including cooker, TV and washing machine; must have sunny balcony, be on an all year round...
  7. D

    Reliable Estate Agent Sought

    Hi All, We have decided to sell up our apartment as grandchild no 2 is on the way and we think it's time to settle our funds in the UK in a tourer (our fun) and a static (family fun). Would anyone recommend a good honest reliable estate agent we could go to on our return in March?

    Scots couple sought by Interpol over £1m Turkish property dev. scam

    Don't know how to post links but this is in the Scotsman newspaper, Sat. 1st Jan, page 6. Jeannie
  9. RustyDalyan

    Sultanahmet hotel recommendations sought

    Cheap, clean, safe hotels, pref in Sultanahmet anybody? Thanks, Debbie
  10. merlin

    Computer hacker sought by FBI charged in Turkey with cyber fraud....

    Assoc Press A Turkish computer hacker sought by the FBI on suspicion of attacking the Web sites of several well-known companies and media outlets was charged with cyber fraud Friday. Police captured the 23-year-old suspected hacker, identified as Atilla E., in the southern city of Adana on...
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