1. Leo

    Sorting out ownership after death

    Hi All, Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place, but having looked around, 'Births Death & Marriages' in the 'Ask a Turkey Related Question' section seemed the most appropriate place..... Firstly, let me say nobody has died (yet), but I am looking for serious advice from fellow members...
  2. KKOB

    PTT Sorting Office at Fethiye Otogar

    If you are left a note by your postman that there is a parcel to be collected, check which office you have to go to. In the bottom right hand corner of the ticket it will say something like Fethiye PTT or Otogar Garaji PTT. If it's Fethiye PTT, go to the right of the building where the PO...
  3. K

    Cost of sorting a garden

    Hi All, I have a villa overlooking Lake Tuzla, which is between Bodrum Airport and Bodrum Town and that I am yet to stay in, and I am looking for some idea of how much it will cost to have the garden laid to lawn with a selection of perrenials. The area that needs attending to is approx 150 sq...
  4. P

    My Turkish friend is sorting it

    On holiday a few weeks ago,at a hotel in Bodrum,I met two people who were going to look at property when over,one was hoping to get a boat to Marmaris to look at property,recommended by his Turkish friend.When I suggested the first thing he should do is get a lawyer,but no his friend was going...
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