1. perfect1949

    well don'e Barry Wiggins sort's personality of the year

    well don'e Barry Wiggins sport's personality of the year a great choice IMO . dave

    My sort of woman

    This lady has a wonderful view of life and staying warm
  3. mollag

    Novelty Acts [no, not that sort Des]

    Just been messing on another thread and i drifted onto one of my favorite "acts" from yesteryear, Prof Stanley Unwin. :thumbup: First caught him in "Carry on regardless" and enjoyed his Gobbledegook thereafter. Anyone got any novelty acts from the past they enjoyed? There just seems to be...
  4. M

    Is today some sort of holiday?

    Just wondering if today is some kind of holiday in Turkey. We were told there are building restrictions which started around 15th May and from that date it seemed all has been quiet apart from the times the Belediye is closed (7-9 in mornings, after 5 in evenings and at weekends) but today...
  5. Lillylilly

    Altinkum Hospital sort of!

    Two weeks ago on Wednesday we went to enqire about minor accident cover, it was very reasonable 88 tl each so was going to go back and pay with our paperwork on the Monday. On the Friday I slipped down the hill near our house by a big mess of bricks on the pavement and had what I thought was a...
  6. ceemac

    What Sort of Driver Are You?

    Research carried out by Aviva. Which one of the following are you? Be honest now...... The Realist You enjoy taking the odd risk. You’re not overly cautious in your driving and fairly realistic about your motoring experiences. In daredevil moments, you might jump amber lights. Nearly half...
  7. gerald

    Sort of cashback site

    I signed up to this today, a bit like a managed cash back site dressed up to look like a shop instead of the usual lists. It doesn't actually say what the cash back percentage is for each retailer so time will tell if it pays out fairly. Notwithstanding that, it has a handy search facility...
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