1. O

    Train from Sophia to Istanbul

    Hi all Wondering if any one knew the times of a train from Sophia to Istanbul,mu son intends to visit us in aug and will be trying to make his way down to us in yali;can any one tell me if they accept inter rail passes for that train and also how difficult would it be to get on a bus from where...
  2. A

    Hagia Sophia

    Erdogan regime's new plan converting Hagia Sophia to mosque before president election probaly 29 may. We hope it does not occur.
  3. teosgirl

    Hagia Sophia mosque conversion proposal under fire

    LOCAL - Hagia Sophia mosque conversion under fire Charlotte
  4. shirleyanntr

    1000's pray for Agia Sophia to be a mosque

    there was a gathering of devout Muslims outside Hagia Sophia Museum on Saturday praying for the former church to be made a mosque. This was a Byzantine church a real masterpiece which was turned into a mosque when İstanbul was conquered. İt was made into a museum in 1934 and as such is neither...
  5. KKOB

    Hagia Sophia scaffolding

    During January and February an operation to remove the 180 tonnes of scaffolding currently in place in Hagia Sophia Museum will reveal the interior of the dome in all its glory in celebration of Istanbul being European Capital of Culture 2010. The scaffolding will be re-erected in 2011 so, if...
  6. merlin

    Little Haghia Sophia and Ancient City at Risk....

    The World Monuments Fund in New York has declared two more structures in Turkey are at risk. The archaic city Afrodisias and Little Haghia Sophia Mosque in Turkey have been listed on the ''2006 World Watch List'', which have been announced by the Fund and includes 100 ancient monuments. The...
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