1. juco

    Dogs can be soooo much fun. - Awesome Dogs Spin In Unison For Dinner
  2. turkishknashers

    this is soooo true .....

    my son sent me this link for/about his dad lol but it's very interesting to read, the're are two pages and it just reminded me of some of the threads on here and how they end up going there are two pages so stick with it ;) 5 Logical Fallacies That Make You Wrong More Than You Think |
  3. suecheshireuk

    Men are soooo dirty

    Well, I'm not going to name and shame, but.... as we are going away soon I decided to get all our stuff out to weigh, as we are taking hand luggage only. Well... "someone's" clothes are filthy:dooh: and I have now had to do a wash load before I can do anything... this "someone" said " Ive only...
  4. claire1976

    5 more days then we're there!! Soooo excited!

    We're flying out on Sunday to see our new apartment and get it furnished.We are so excited! Wish we were staying for longer than a week but hey ho, we'll make the best of the time we have. So looking forward to discovering the area more, seeing whiterock restaurant and just exploring. Can't...
  5. N

    Turkish toilets soooo unlady like

    I had my first experience of a traditional turkish squat loo and I hated it. It was so primative and makes me grateful for the luxury of a sit down one! I was at the Saturday market on our last day and had to use the loo beside the mosque and I couldn't wait to get out!! It was clean but give me...
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