1. niyaz

    Sony handycam for sale

    I am in Dalaman for a week so any one interested in Sony handyman DVD Digital video camera recorder, please let me know.I have it with me in Dalaman.I have ued it twice and the condition is brand new and faultless.Reason for selling is that i have lost interest.
  2. teosgirl

    play station 2 and Sony piano for sale

    Hi, We have a play station 2 for sale which has been used a handful of times since it's purchase approx 4-5 years ago. It comes with two steering wheels with acceleration and brake peddles and two hand controllers - plus a few games (will list later) Makes a great second/spare DVD player...
  3. Helenm150

    Sony Ericsson W995

    Hi all, I have just ordered a Sony Ericsson W995 mobile phone - there were flashier phones with touch screens and I also looked at Blackberrys but this one has all the features I was looking for - in particular a good camera. Can't wait for it to arrive - I have had my old Samsung D500 for 5...
  4. S

    God bless you Sony!

    X Factor twins Jedward dumped by record label - Yahoo! News UK
  5. P

    Free Sony mini disc disks..

    If anyone still uses a Sony Mini Disc player and wants 2 free 74 min disks, PM me your address and I will send them to you - they are cluttering my desk and will be finding themselves in the bin very soon unless someone wants them!
  6. E

    Second Hand Sony HC96E For Sale

    2 years old orginale box in.Excellent camera. Sale 750 ytl. if anyone interested pm me. Ertn
  7. immac

    Wanted: Sony Prs-500

    Sony PRS-500 Reader (is an e-book reader) wanted. Up to £100 for good example. PM me with details. Other e-book readers considered, but this is my preference. Ian
  8. merlin

    Sony Laptop FS Range Help

    Model VGN-FS115Z Trying to establish whether this model has wireless built in. I cant fire it up as I am waiting for a charger to be delivered :lol: Its like Christmas morning with no batteries :-) Merv!
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