1. beyazbayan

    Old songs

    So many of these which İ fear we are loosing to the commercial pop world. Mary Black-Annachie Gordon - YouTube
  2. S

    Songs- Hometown

    Right who's hometown is mentioned in a song. I will kick off with ths one BLACK VELVET BAND(Traditional Irish song with lyrics) - YouTube
  3. T

    Banned songs

    I thought it might be fun to add songs that have been banned in the UK. One such song was one I think is great Lola by the Kinks it was banned apparently because of its supposed reference to drugs. Lola-The Kinks #5.*Top Of The Pops-70s* - YouTube
  4. T

    Songs at Funerals

    We went funeral today. The song going in was the tune to the ARCHERS, then on the way out it was closing time by Leonard Cohen , we left with a big smile .
  5. F

    Favourite alltime love songs

    :emot150ms i was looking at some music vieos on utube last night and thought it would be nice to know other peoples fav. love songs here is some of mine = 1st Foreigner Waiting for a girl like you . 2. yes Foreigner I want to know what love is . 3. Dean Friedman Lydia . 4. Moody blues Nights in...


    While i was listening to my ipod on holiday, i was listening to Ray Charles and one song that i thought was great was called "Can't you see darling". I think it's a great song and i'm gonna make that my karaoke piece. Can anyone put it on hear cos i don't know how to {shock] ta. Jeannie
  7. K

    Songs for referendum day

    Here are a few songs for our dry referendum day. I hope you enjoy them: YouTube - The Vadnals "No Beer Today" YouTube - In Heaven There is No Beer- The Chardon Polka Band YouTube - The Dubliners- A Pub With No Beer But I am sure will find a way around it. Kirpi. :28:
  8. pineapple1

    The songs they banned !

    Just reading the News and theres a list of songs that was banned a good while ago ...Very tame these days , I think Cliff Richard looks like Deirdre Barlow in corrie !!! what do you think .........Diame The songs they banned - Shortlists
  9. John O' Dreams

    Irish songs

    My favourite Irish song tells of the sadness felt by the families that were separated by the terrible events in Ireland during the Great Hunger of the 1860's. Chokes me every time I hear it. Dailymotion - Kilkelly Song - a...
  10. ceemac

    Turkish folk songs and dances from British expats

    Any of 'em TLF members? "A Turkish folk ensemble formed three years ago in Fethiye’s Ölüdeniz region differs radically from similar groups throughout the country – its members are all British expats." Here C
  11. pineapple1

    Songs By Special Request !

    I thought it would be nice to have a thread were people can hear songs for different occassions ..Birthdays Annivesarys Your first Dance together etc . But i have a big problem dont know how to do links !!! So my fellow Golden Girl will start it off for me , My 2 favoprite songs are...
  12. Sunny Seasider

    Christmas Songs

    Yes they've started the rounds again and, this is one of my funny favourite Christmas Tunes, I have too many to mention, Johnny Mathis - When a child is born and The Christmas Collection by Frank Sinatra, just love his voice, what are your favourites? YouTube - 12 Days Of Christmas Frank Kelly
  13. Andy

    The Worst Country Songs

    The worst country and western songs ever recorded Here are a selection of diabolical country and western song titles (These are NOT made up - they've all been recorded.) So went the claim which arrived with this list. 1. Get Your Biscuits In The Oven And Your Buns In Bed 2. Get Your Tongue...
  14. madturkishcow

    Favourite Songs of all time....

    Which songs provoke the most memories for you? What gets you singing along......This one was difficult to put a number on so however many you think are worth a mention. :) Spirit in the Sky Build me up Buttercup Without You Hotel California/Lyin eyes You'll never walk alone Hi-Ho Silver...
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