1. S

    Mehmet Yildiz of Bodrum Property Solutions

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Mehmet Yildiz of Bodrum Property Solutions, apparently he's gone AWOL!
  2. H

    Quranic references needed that provide solutions to family problems and emotional tur

    This blog tends to outline 4 important aspects of our life that we can manipulate to make our lives full of happiness. It opens up "Most of us suffer from heaps of emotional, social and personal problems. Some experience relationship difficulties and some face educational hardships. Some have...
  3. bobthenob

    Solutions to Crushing Corruption

    When l hear as well as read up on people’s buying experience has turned into a very pleasant no hassle adventure,l am pleased for them to know now they have the property to enjoy now without any of the ongoing problems that can lead to a financial nightmare. But,also we must not forget the...
  4. mollag

    Solutions for peace

    We do see a wide range of views on the middle east conflict, sincerely held views, well put and logical. But away from the past, what for the future? I dont see a future as we stand, i dont think that a 2 state solution will work. Israel is a fact of life, it is there for good--but in what...
  5. M

    Solutions Agency

    Can anyone recommend this agent for Property Insurance who has dealt with them personally for a claim, we are thinking of using them to insure our property. mo
  6. W

    Where Are Bodrum Management Solutions

    What ever happened to BMS? they managed Alexander hills and Myndos Hills in Yali.... They seemed to have vanished? do you know where they are and why?
  7. holidayworld

    was: Would you TRUST an Estate Agent now: Remedies & Solutions?

    HI All I've been reading loads of postings from people on this forum and a lot of them are Estates Agents but they don't tell you this i.e. work for or own the Company but if you read a lot of what they are saying or "not saying" It makes you wonder if you would really trust any of them, I...
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