1. F

    insurance for under 18 flying solo

    can anyone help please, we are flying out tomorrow to dalaman (inshallah) my younger brother has decided to join us in a couple of weeks. he will be flying out on his own then staying with us. we are having problems finding travel insurance that will cover a 16 year old flying solo. does anybody...
  2. S

    1st time flying solo

    How confident would you be to let your 18 year old daughter fly via Istanbul to Antalya? Ive been looking at flights, Manchester to Antalya - very flexible with dates but looking around departing 06/08/09 & returning to Manchester 28/08/09. Fly thomas cook are charging £347 whilst Turkish...
  3. SOLO

    SOLO aka Sergei new here

    SOLO aka Sergei new here - Introduction I am new to this community (four years off vacation were adored in Gumbet) - so can say Bodrum is a proper place to be - buying in the area now (wish me luck)... Thinking back could we hardly remember better place for soul nirvana and tranquility...
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