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    solicitors in side

    hi everyone looking to buy, does any one know any good solicitors in side, manavgat, english speaking.please
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    Estate agents and Solicitors

    I am thinking of selling my 2 bedroomapartment in Gumusluk. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, pro-active and trustworthy Estate Agent anywhere between Gumusluk and Bodrum who also speaks good English. Likewise on any Lawyers? Also any thoughts on a likely price in GBP or TL-or even Euros...
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    Solicitors in Kalkan

    Hello everyone, We are newbies buying a somewhat derelict property in Kalamar though having read some of the stories on the forum I am a little apprehensive! There aren't any recent threads on solicitors, we have found one in Kalkan whom I won't name as I am not sure I am allowed to but I have...
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    Solicitors in fetiye

    Can anyone give us details of a good solicitor in Fetiye who deals with condominium law and does anyone know roughly of how much the charges are likely to be. Cheers
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    solicitors in turkey

    i have no connection to any law firm what so ever my first thread
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    solicitors in turkey

    Content deleted.
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    Solicitors in turkey

    If any of you have paid all your monies and have not received your tapu and you have been using a foreign national as your solicitor you have got promlems no foreign national can practise law in turkey they have no legal rights what so ever they have no rights of audience in any court in turkey...
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    Justice denied to Irish solicitors family

    The family of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane has been granted a judicial review of the decision not to hold a public inquiry into his death. A Belfast High Court hearing in May will last for three days. He was killed at his north Belfast home by loyalist gunmen in 1989. UK Prime Minister David...
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    Hi guys and gals, I am I wonder if you can help me. My partner and I really need the details of a good solicitor. we are building in Greenhills near Akbuk. We have found out that the solicitor we are using is related to the builders and they both say we now have to pay more money for a build...
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    Solicitors In Fethiye

    Hi everyone i am looking for a good english speaking solicitors in Fethiye NOT CALIS area......if anyone can recommend and give me telephone numbers i would be very grateful......i did try ringing melek from everything legal but unfortunatly she isn't in the office for a few if anyone...
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    london or turkish solicitors???

    We have seen an appartment in Yalikavak that we want to buy. We wanted to come home first and consider pros and cons so did no preparatory work in Turkey. Having returned and and weighed everythimg up we have decided to take the plunge. We have contacted London turkish speaking solicitors and...
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    Can anyone recommend a good solicitor, buying on Horizon Sky thankyou
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    Bodrum Solicitors

    Hi everyone Does anyone have any recent experiences (good or bad) of the following solicitors: Cagli Law (Bitez) Kazmaz (Bitez) Acacia International (Konacik) Any feedback would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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    Didim solicitors versus London International Legal solicitor

    The last two weeks reading in the Voices newspaper online that a solicitor from the London International legal firm has secured an injunction on properties for people who went through the court after firstly using Didum solicitors that lost. Well done to this International solicitor in...
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    arfin solicitors

    we have just found out that the solicitors we used to purchase our property have gone bust,we bought our apartment through parador properties ,did anyone use these solictors and does anyone have any information about what has happened to the solicitors ,we dont know where any of our paperwork...
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    Solicitors fees 'up front?'

    Hello everyone, Could anyone advise on whether or not solicitors in Turkey should be demanding fees 'up front' as in my case. Long story but to cut it short, I need to get a 'copy' of my deeds. The few solicitors I have contacted not only insist in full payment but vary hugely in cost, the most...
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    Info on solicitors please

    We are thinking of going down the legal route regarding our build and wonder if anyone can tell us what to look for and what to avoid when chosing a Turkish solicitor. We have heard they charge a percentage of the total house costs, does anyone know what percentage this is.
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    Hello everyone, Can I introduce myself. I am Chris, an owner of a property in the Gumusluk area. I have owned the house since 2003 but for one reason or another sadly have never lived in it ( long story ). I would love to know from fellow owners the 'good' and 'bad' points of living in the area...
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    Solicitors in Kusadasi

    Can anyone give details of any solicitors in the Kusadasi area? Please add that you know of, particularly those you would recommend and provide Name, Telephone, and Email as a minimum. Thanks : This list is being generated as a link for TLF's great big property buying guide so please...
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    Solicitors in Altinkum/Didim

    Here is a list of Solicitors for the Altinkum/Didim area. Please add any more that you know of, particularly those you would recommend and provide Name, Telephone, and Email as a minimum. Here are a couple of the more common ones I've found already in no particular order; Ahmet Sipahio─člu Tel...
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