1. A

    can a solicitor in turkey force me to pay an account

    Hi Can anybody who understands turkish law help me please. I have been dealing with a solicitor with others on a particular matter. I then asked him per email if he could look at a contract to sell my property in Turkey and I did say I would pay him for his advice as I didn't want to think...
  2. T

    How do I report our Solicitor

    Hi, can anyone advise how to report our solicitor to the Bar Association please? Thanks Tina-Marie
  3. Andy

    Solicitor needed in Alanya area

    Can any member put me in contact with a good reasonable solicitor & an Emlak in the Alanya area an email address is all i need thanks
  4. V

    Cost for solicitor's letter

    Can anyone give me an idea what a reasonable charge would be to get a letter sent from a solicitor to our site manager requesting site financial situation/ site bank account statements to be sent to me in my position of site inspector.Thanks in advance.
  5. L

    English speaking Solicitor in Fethiye

    I hope that someone will be able to help me,im looking for an English speaking Solicitor in Fethiye, hopefully someone will have used 1 and possibly give me an idea of how good they are plus their feees etc. In any info would be very much appreciated regards Lofty
  6. Helenm150

    Noter or Solicitor?

    Is a contract more legally binding if drawn up by a solicitor rather than just notarised?:brick:
  7. B

    Use a Solicitor to buy Turkish Property?

    When buying a property,the first rule is that you must use a solicitor.I know and understand that many solicitors,are wolves in sheep's clothing. In order to find a good one,lots of research is advised,and read vital forums and views of people. In my opinion,reviews of client's is a must,a...
  8. W

    Reporting a Turkish Solicitor for misconduct?

    Hi All, A Turkish solicitor has made false accusations about me and other owners of our complex and defamed my character.. Where would I write a letter of complaint and report a Turkish solicitor for misconduct? Does anyone know the address and authority to contact? Any advice would be much...
  9. M

    Altinkum solicitor recommendation needed for resale purchase

    Can anyone recommend a solicitor in Altinkum to help me with the purchase of a resale property I dont intend to give power of atourney as we will be out there in July but I would really prefer someones positive experience as a recommendation I would be starting off the process from the UK if...
  10. G

    Recommend a Solicitor - Bodrum region

    I have had a home now in Yalikavak for 6 years now but would like to appoint a highly recommended Solicitor for the future. My current one has been appalling and even moved office and changed phone numbers without even informing me! Thank you.
  11. S

    English speaking Lawyer required in Bodrum, Urgent

    4 years ago in 2008 whilst on holiday in Turkey my (then) girlfriend were involved in an incident which led to police involvement. We had an argument after one too many drinks and went our seperate ways. I returned to our apartments but my girlfriend stormed off. She threw her bag and it hit and...
  12. F

    English speaking solicitor in Bodrum

    Hi I am just in the process of selling my apartment in Bodrum. Does anyone know of any good reasonably priced English speaking solicitors in Bodrum. Or does anyone have a clue as to how you go about selling
  13. D

    Notary or solicitor for POA?

    Just a quick question- I am selling a house in Bodrum, but am unable to get over there, so am making the agent POA. I have the POA form ready, but do I get it signed by a notary or a solicitor, before sending to the FCO? many thanks
  14. S

    Reputable solicitor

    After reading the new legal column in this weeks Voices, I think the time has come to bite the bullet and get Turkish wills drawn up. We've put it off because of lots of conflicting advice but now think it'sq better to be safe than sorry. So the $64,0000 question is...wait for it...can anyone...
  15. I

    need english speaking solicitor

    hi looking for one located in didim who can help me out with the bank trying to rip me off.. not looking for a celebrity a-list solicitor just a reasonable priced reliable one..any recommendation..
  16. scotssteve

    Illegal pools

    Just back from the meeting in the mayors office with the FCO representative. Apparently the head of planning admitted that his staff had been aware of a number of illegal pools - but done nothing until recently. I read that as signing off on HC even when a pool had appeared which is not on the...
  17. L

    Urgent help - Directions to office of Ozge Cil, Solicitor please

    Hi, we need the directions to the office of Ozge Cil, a Solicitor in Didim. I understand it is near to the big Mosque (the one which is being renovated) so need directions from there please. Much appreciated for your help with this, Thank you:dance:
  18. Summer Jules

    Reccommended solicitor

    Hi all. I am off to Turkey this month and intend to put an offer on a property whilst there. I would really appreciate any advice on how to find a reputable independant solicitor as I am not prepared to use one that is associated with the estate agent. I have been in contact with one company...
  19. K


    Hi can anyone recommend a good,reliable and honest solicitor in Turgutreis and if so any idea how they charge and how much.Items involved would be closing a company,paying tax and transferring property to myself from a company. Many thanks P
  20. T

    Anyone bought or sold without solicitor

    Has anyone bought or sold the Turkish way? You know just arrive at the Tapu office with a bag of money and sign over the Tapu. Assuming Military clearance has been granted for Yabancis. Anyone like to share their experiences. What do people think of it?
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