1. J

    Serving British Soldiers Arrested

    Neo-Nazi arrests: Serving British soldiers held over terror offences as alleged members of National Action | The Independent Sad, but sadly not surprised.
  2. suzyq

    IS increases use of child soldiers

    The number of children who have died fighting for so-called Islamic State (IS) in the last year is nearly twice the previous estimate, a report says. Researchers at Georgia State University tracked IS propaganda and eulogies over 13 months. The propaganda claimed 89 boys aged eight to 18 had...
  3. V

    Xmas cards for soldiers

    Anyone thinking of acting on a Facebook request to send anonymous recovering soldiers a Christmas card to a Birmingham hospital have been asked NOT to as there is no such scheme in operation and the sheer volume of cards is stopping vital mail for patients and staff getting through. The hoax...
  4. Jaycey

    Dentures made from the teeth of dead soldiers.

    “In 1815, dentistry as we know it today was in its infancy - and the mouths of the rich were rotten. So they took teeth for their dentures from the bodies of tens of thousands of dead soldiers on the battlefield at Waterloo... “ The dentures made from the teeth of dead soldiers at Waterloo -...
  5. T

    Turkish soldiers kill innocent farmer

    Turkish soldiers carried out an armed attack on a Kurdish civilian from Afrin near West-North Kurdistan border yesterday. The man who was critically wounded in the attack remains in life-threatening situation. 35-year-old Heci Xelîl Xelîl from the Bilbile Bêkê village of Efrîn was targeted by...
  6. Yalides

    Soldiers of allah

    Guilty then, bit obvious. Prison should be fun for them.
  7. juco

    Soldiers job axed 3 days before retirement due!

    How low will this government stoop.
  8. mollag

    A soldiers lot

    Is not a happy one, whether he be Prince or subject he signs up with the sure and certain knowledge that he / she may be expected to kill someone, or indeed be killed themselves. They may not consider the politics involved, that is for others, they are there to carry out legitimate orders. Capn...
  9. Sha Hoorsur

    British soldiers to Syrian region

    It was with no little dismay that I reading in the newspaper the powers that be say they can't rule out sending British troops to help stabilise the region affected by the Syrian conflict. What I want to know is, why do we have to send soldiers there. Why does the West always have to be the...
  10. luckycat68

    17 soldiers dead

    Seventeen Turkish soldiers have died after their helicopter crashed in southeastern Turkey in bad weather, an official has said. The Sikorsky aircraft came down on Herekol mountain, in the Pervari district of Siirt province, according to Siirt Governor Ahmet Aydin. The victims were members of...
  11. R

    British Soldiers accused of rape of two 10 yr old Kids

    Report: UK soldiers rape Afghan kids Wed Jan 18, 2012 3:51PM GMT File photo shows a British soldier in Musa Qala, Helmand Province. Two British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan have been accused of raping two children aged ten in the war-ravaged country, a report has revealed. UK officials...
  12. clatchyrock

    Pakistani Soldiers killed by NATO

    An incident has taken place at the Salala military checkpoint on the Afghan-Pakistan border where NATO helicopters fired on Pakistan soldiers killing 26 soldiers and injuring many more. Pakistan have described this as ' unprovoked and indiscriminate'. The checkpoint was 1.5 miles from the...
  13. shirleyanntr

    more soldiers killed by PKK

    The border area around Hakkarı was the scene of yet another attack by the PKK this time at least 9 soldiers were killed and many more injured. This is probably a response to the recent bombing of PPK camps in Northern İraq..the conflict has increased this month with about 34 soldiers killed...
  14. D

    playing soldiers

    A little boy is marching up and down with a broom stick on his shoulder. “whatcher doing?” asks his grandpa “ I’m a soldier” say the lad marching up and down the yard. Grandpa says to the lad “ ah that takes me back a bit to when I was a soldier. In fact I still have my old tin helmet in the...
  15. D

    How not to treat yr soldiers Do the Turkish army really thinks this makes a good soldier?
  16. Protanopia

    Eight Turkish soldiers killed in PKK attack in Southeast

    Eight Turkish soldiers were killed overnight in an attack on an army post by members of an outlawed terrorist group in southeast Turkey, near the border with Iraq, the military said Saturday. The attack blamed on the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, took place at a military post near...
  17. John O' Dreams

    Crisis of values that sends soldiers to fight civilians

    Good article by Hagai El-Ad, executive director of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel: “When you send in commandos to deal with civilians, you can’t argue that the writing wasn’t on the wall.” “One can complain all one wants about how much the world is against Israel, about how the...
  18. ceemac

    German minister, wounded soldiers stranded in Istanbul

    German Defense Minister Guttenberg has been stranded in Istanbul along with five wounded soldiers as their flight from Afghanistan to Germany was redirected amid widespread travel chaos in Europe. Here C
  19. ceemac

    Lost Brit tourist found by Turkish soldiers

    A British tourist who became lost during a long walk on the Lycian Way was found yesterday by gendarmerie forces. Here C
  20. ceemac

    Greek Soldiers Chant Anti-Turkish Slogans

    There's nothing like a well disciplined army..... 'Greek special forces chanted harsh anti-Turkish-Albanian slogans during an official military parade in Athens, reports said. According to reports, racist and Nazi slogans were chanted against Macedonians, Turks and Albanians at the military...
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