1. C

    Villa sold - Happy with Emlak!

    Having put my villa on the market last September, i am very pleased to announce that it is now sold, very close to the asking price, through Turyap Emlak. After reading warning after warning about dealing with Emlaks, i opted for Turyap in Didim due to my impressions on meeting them and also...
  2. A

    Sold up - Need help with Moving company

    Sold apartment, moving back in three weeks. Found three companies. AFC Freight Forwarders International-seen some bad reviews so I'm not going to use-cheapest. Container Ants international home movers - came to apartment, nice, straight forward, showed me images. Feel better about these...
  3. Sunny Seasider


    After 11 wonderful years and happy memories here in Yalikavak we have sold our Apartment. We have made many great friendships along the way and, will continue to have holidays in this beautiful area of Turkey. So as ever, it is just TTFN. "You can check out anytime you like, but you can...
  4. skididley

    SOLD my Apartment

    So at last I have sold my Apartment in Side, I want to Highly Recommend the company I have been using for the last 3/4 years ..... From paying my Bills to looking after my apartment, from Collecting Rent to selling... Totally Stress free... They are Emlak Gayem Real Estate, Contact Volkan...
  5. niyaz

    Villa sold

    I have sold my place in Dalaman and I want to thank Ruth from ladybird for assisting and making it so easy for everyone. Thank you Ruth.
  6. P

    Sold our Apartment

    We have sold our place in Yalikavak. All done in a Day . Strange experience though. Sehval from Clover held our hands during the process. We transfered the lot the same day to our Bank in England. We were quite sad afterwards but also relieved it was sorted. Pete
  7. R

    Need interior sold or american shutters...anyone help or recommend carpenter. Bodrum.

    Hi all, I want to install internal shutters, solid or America louvre style (open shirt type). Can anyone recommend where/who etc. Also a god carpenter needed. Thanks
  8. Mushtaq

    UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia

    UK could be prosecuted for war crimes over missiles sold to Saudi Arabia that were used to kill civilians in Yemen. Britain is at risk of being prosecuted for war crimes because of growing evidence that missiles sold to Saudi Arabia have been used against civilian targets in Yemen’s brutal...
  9. N

    Villa sold

    Hi all after 11 years of owning our villa In Altinkum we have decided the time Is rite for us to sell wich we have done. We would like to thank you all for your Help over the years .
  10. E

    Emerald Houses Gökcebel - Villas Sold off without permission

    25 people have just learnt that their houses on the complex have been sold without their knowledge or permission to a Turkish man , many of us have court cases active trying to secure our Tapus and the man who had the Tapus chose to ignore the courts and sell the apartments for a pittance, we...
  11. F

    Sold up in Turkey - moved to Portugal

    We rented in TR for 5 years, 2010-2015. The first 3 years we come and went to our rented apartment, and liked it very much. The last 2 years we lived in TR fulltime, and all of a sudden we felt that TR is not the right place for us to live. Just too many daily problems to deal with.Like IKAMET...
  12. Sha Hoorsur

    Sold up in Turkey, another one bites the dust.

    After much thought, my wife and I reluctantly decided to sell up in Turkey. Mainly due to her failing health, the heat is just proving too much for her, and the pavements are certainly not suitable for a wheelchair. To be honest, the whole atmosphere has changed, many of our old acquaintances...
  13. F

    dvd's being sold for charity

    We have maybe 1000 DVD's at the office. İ want to sell them to raise further money for the bursary's at the Coşku school. They are 6 for 1TL. İf anyone wants some come to the King Emlak office next to BİM.
  14. jandj

    Has anyone sold property without an RP

    We are in a dilemma and would appreciate any help. With this new 120 rule, our future plans are up in the air. We are looking to sell our villa and our car and relocate. Are we able to sell our villa and our car without an RP? I have all other numbers, tapus etc, but don't really go down the...
  15. Kingfisher

    SGK data to be sold to pharmacetical companies

    How do those members contributing to the SGK system feel about this? Turkey?s social security institution to sell citizens? information with draft bill - RIGHTS
  16. T

    sold Apt

    Good news we have sold our apartment, we did not want to sell it on the forum, we wanted to sell it to a buyer who can look after themselves and know how to deal with certain issues - a group of people who control the complex. The group never showed any proxy forms to anyone everything was kept...
  17. D

    SOLD up in Turkey and Moved On..

    Have now returned back home to Boyanovo, near Elhovo, Bulgaria, from a return trip in which we sold our Villa in Payallar, near Alanya, Turkey. Turkey is now just soo, soo bloody expensive, unbelievable the price on food & booze, not to mention fuel etc,. We were paying up to 9TL for a beer...
  18. ted j

    We've sold!

    Finally sold our bungalow. We changed estate agents in December and the new firm were very good , took professional pictures and were advertising it everywhere We initially got an offer just before Christmas, but the two gay guys who put in the offer were trying to play us and get loads...
  19. E

    Apartment sold, leaving Turkey...

    After 14 years of property ownership in Turkey, we have decided to call it a day and last week sold our apartment in Ilica, near Side. We made a big loss on it, but are happy and relieved we can finally draw a line under our Turkish adventure. What started as a love affair with Turkey all those...
  20. B

    Property sold but site fees unpaid

    I am asking if any Member is aware of the Legal situation on out standing Site Fees. What is the legal situation if some one purchases a property but the site fees have not been paid. Who then becomes reasonable is the purchaser and should the solicitor have ensured that no debts are out...
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