1. I

    Solar Venti

    Does anyone have experience of this solar product which changes the airflow in your property to prevent damp and mould? They have sold over 30,000 units and seem inexpensive if they work.
  2. Gazarra

    Solarventi Products

    I'm considering installing a solar powered fan at my property to allow the place to be aired throughout the year. I already use solar power at a summer cottage I have and run the lighting and a fridge from just one panel. I'm interested in the products Solarventi (who advertise on this site)...
  3. rosewall1

    Solarventi ?????

    Thought it might be an idea to investigate the system that Solarventi are advertising but cannot get a reply, have tried emailing twice and although they promise to reply within 24 hours, nothing, have tried phoning them and again switched through to a recorded message in Turkish which I think...
  4. L

    Why SolarVenti to protect your home

    Exclusive Agency for SolarVenti Products to the Bodrum Peninsula! Have you got a problem with damp in your house? We may be able to help you - please read the attached documents and feel free to contact us to protect your investment in your property! Quote from a very happy customer in...
  5. peter the postie

    SolarVenti ... an end to Turkish damp problems?

    It certainly looks interesting...
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